Fan re-creates GTAV trailer in Lego form

First trailer for Rockstar Games' open-world action game redone in block form.


Lego developer Traveller's Tales has adapted numerous franchises into block form, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and most recently, Lord of the Rings. But what would it look like if the company were to make Lego: Grand Theft Auto?

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One fan has answered that question, creating a Lego rendition of the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer, which was released in November 2011.

The Lego version matches up with the actual trailer and includes the locations, characters, and vehicles from the Rockstar-produced material.

GTAV is officially due out during spring 2013 only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though Rockstar cofounder Dan Houser said PC and Wii U versions are "up for consideration."

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That was pretty awesome.

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Youtube spam!

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Isnt that new WII U game like GTA Lega City?

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pretty cool

very professionally done


seems it coulda still been better

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watching a vid on youtube and saying that you like it doesnt make it a news

it is clearly states at the bottom "Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot.". you are cheating. you took a video you like from youtube (which is GTA V, which you seem to love so much and post everything you know about GTA V as a news) and added some "what if" and posted it here as a news. YOU SHOULDN'T GET PAID IF YOU ARE CHEATING

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@FearMe801 unless it's a new video on youtube. then it is news.

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I love Lego ,The Eddie .

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This post could be a cry for help

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Thats some impressive works!

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I am very envious of this person's time resource and obvious talent.

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Looks cool.

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It should have been "LEGOLAND" in the Hollywood sign

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I can't tell it is fan-made video if you don't tell me. Nothing short of amazing production. :D

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And this is news... why?

What's next Gamespot, you gonna write an article every time someone makes a new lolcat picture?

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yes they should.

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@DrKill09 have a coffee dude ... ur mad

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@DrKill09 u still came and watched it why ????

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Game-worshipping awesomeness.

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I'm not sure these guys know what "news" is anymore. I'm not saying this isn't interesting, or cool, but I am saying it's not news.

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everybody is trolling for the weekend !!

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@mtouchprod So where would you post this vid then? You gooseComplain about something worth complaining about

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@mtouchprod Just wondering. Wouldn't be in Cheats or Reviews. If half the news you see on TV actually news?

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Actually, now that I've watched it, it's not interesting, or cool.

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Ugh...the amount of people saying "Legos" is driving me crazy..the collective term is "Lego" or "Lego pieces". Why can't people understand that?

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@Cillah187 They're Legos. Kiss my ass.

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@Cillah187 I second that bro!

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@Cillah187 Because you are literally the only human being alive who cares.

P.S. Legos

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@gullgullgull @Cillah187 OMG I pee'd a little, gullgullgull...

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Why does nobody want to develop for the WiiU? The WiiU is gonna miss out on GTAV, Dead Space 3, Borderlands, and many more great titles...

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@DiverseGamer Because it's a catch-up console.

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@DiverseGamer Because Nintendo.

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@DiverseGamer Nintendo has never had a GTA game on their consoles. You have to keep in mind that if game series are ported to it now, there'll be more pressure to keep those franchises on the console in the future. However, with the Wii U barely being more powerful than current gen consoles we all know how hard it'll be to have games on MS and Sony's next console as well. The next PS and Xbox will roll out and then we can expect most current trends to continue.

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@flammable_zeus @DiverseGamer

No GTA games on Nintendo systems? GTA: Chinatown Wars was on DS.

Still it would be great if they announced a version of GTA5 for WiiU. Maybe they'll surprise us. Then again, maybe not.

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@DiverseGamer I know it's a shame really...

I think most of the time it boils down to the original Wii and it not being very 3rd party friendly. I really hope the WiiU succeeds but its certainly not off to a great start.

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Looks better in Lego.

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Fantastic, i think R* should give this person a complimentary prize for such a job well done!

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Give that dude a copy of gta 5

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Wow, that was really impressive. I've done a little stop-motion myself and this must have taken forever to do!

Avatar image for TheClonemaster

@Kashmiro Pretty certain it's not stop motion. From the shinyness and reflections you can see in various places it's a 3D render piece. Legos aren't that shiny or reflective, and that level of shinyness is considered is a dead give away for 3D that 'looks 3D'.

Avatar image for TohouAsura

@TheClonemaster @Kashmiro The only part with 3D render were the plane flying over the villagers, the gas there was 3D. And the end of the trailer with the plane flying over LEGO San Andreas. The res is clearly stop motion.

Avatar image for Stiler

@TheClonemaster @Kashmiro That's not a 3d render, you can see all the reflections and tiny details that would take fooooorever to do in 3d rendering.

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@TheClonemaster @Kashmiro Uhm i'm almost 100% certain thats REAL stop motion there.

Lego is shiny when new and can also be polished to an almost mirror shine...

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That guy is a badass

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That was a pretty sweet video!

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Uh Lego City Undercover anyone....?

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Good job to that fan of was decent little video.

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That was incredibly impressive. I almost always hate fan-made trailers for anything because they also troll, but this is the exception. Great job!

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Heh, cool :D

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