Fan re-creates GTAV trailer in Lego form

First trailer for Rockstar Games' open-world action game redone in block form.


Lego developer Traveller's Tales has adapted numerous franchises into block form, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and most recently, Lord of the Rings. But what would it look like if the company were to make Lego: Grand Theft Auto?

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One fan has answered that question, creating a Lego rendition of the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer, which was released in November 2011.

The Lego version matches up with the actual trailer and includes the locations, characters, and vehicles from the Rockstar-produced material.

GTAV is officially due out during spring 2013 only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though Rockstar cofounder Dan Houser said PC and Wii U versions are "up for consideration."

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