Fan outcry returns Nuketown 2025 to Black Ops II

Treyarch yanks 24-7 Nuketown 2025 playlist, but brings the map back in Chaos Moshpit after outrage from users.


Treyarch has reinstated the Nuketown 2025 map to a public Call of Duty: Black Ops II playlist after yanking it at the end of the Double XP launch weekend. The map was part of the preorder-exclusive Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 playlist, which was closed last evening.

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"Double XP weekend is official [sic] over," Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar tweeted last night." That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. Right? Don't kill the messenger."

Vonderhaar said Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 would return for special events and reminded users that they can always play it with friends in Custom Games. However, fans were not too pleased, and called for the map to be returned to a public playlist. Just hours later, Vonderhaar acquiesced.

The Nuketown 2025 map has returned to a new playlist called "Chaos Moshpit." However, the map is no longer on a 24-7 repeat cycle. It is mixed in with other maps like Carrier, Cargo, Expressed, Hijacked, Slums, and Standoff.

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