Fan-made Fable Anniversary achievement revealed

"Are you not entertained!?" the top vote-getter with 1,585 votes; awarded when players complete all eight rounds of the arena without taking a break.


Lionhead Studios has revealed the winning fan-made achievement in the recently concluded Fable Anniversary contest.

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With 1,585 votes, user Khaos Archangel's achievement--"Are you not entertained!?"--was deemed winner and will appear in this fall's Fable Anniversary.

The achievement is awarded when players complete all eight rounds of the arena without taking a break.

The four runner-ups were "Farticus," "…Not as I do," "Filet Minion," and "Jack of All Blades." Check out the post on the Lionhead Studios website for more.

Fable Anniversary launches later this year only on the Xbox 360; a PC version is not in the works. The package includes the 2004 original role-playing game and its Lost Chapters expansion.

The game will have an entirely new lighting system, powered by the Unreal engine, as well as all-new character models, textures, materials, and new facial and cutscene animations. It will also feature widescreen support and remastered audio for surround sound setups.

All content found in Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion will be included in Fable Anniversary, though Lionhead said no additional quests or content will be added to the new version.

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