Fan-Made Bloodborne PS1 Remaster Is "Ready For Shipping" Per Creator

A 2015 classic gets the 1997 treatment in this new unofficial take.


While "Soulsborne" fans worldwide await the next adventure from creator Hidetaka Miyazaki in Elden Ring, one intrepid fan is offering a stand-in project while the final weeks pass: 2015's Bloodborne, but made for the original PlayStation.

Lilith Walther--@b0tster on Twitter--revealed that the project she and her team have been working on since as far back as 2017 is finally ready for release, sporting both full HD and an uncapped framerate. Walther has posted multiple videos of the game on her Twitter account, including the fight against Father Gascoigne and Hunter's Dream.

Walther's YouTube account has been posting updates on the project regularly for the past year, showing multiple areas and enemies from the original game with the new PSX-inspired look. Back in November the project was confirmed for a January 31 release, though no specific places where the game will be distributed has been confirmed.

The original Bloodborne released in 2015 to widespread critical acclaim. In GameSpot's review, Kevin VanOrd called it a "an extravagant religious parable that mirrors its game's death-and-resurrection mechanics" while also saying "I finished Bloodborne in less time than I did Dark Souls II, yet I treasure it more."

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