Fan Details All the Ways No Man's Sky Has Changed Since Its Announcement

A player has published a post breaking down the features that had been previously announced but didn't make the cut.


No Man's Sky's been out for a week, and tons of players have started exploring its vast universe. But many have also begun to notice that the final game doesn't exactly mirror its pre-release demos. Today, a player published an exhaustive list of all the different ways No Man's Sky changed over the course of its development.

Reddit user MeetWayneKerr posted in the No Man's Sky subreddit, laying out a number of features that developer Hello Games said would be in the game but didn't make the cut. These include things like the ability to land on asteroids, planetary mechanics, different ship classes, and a huge number of other features. MeetWayneKerr also cites every one of these features with videos or quotes from interviews with Hello Games' team members.

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It's worth noting that some of this might be unfair--all games change drastically from announcement to release, and it's likely that expectations for the game were slightly unrealistic. In addition, Hello Games has already said that it will be adding many new features after launch, so some of these omissions may be remedied in the coming months.

However, the post is still a good look into the difficulties facing developers as they attempt to simultaneously market and make their games.

At the moment, Hello Games is hard at work on ironing out issues with the game, and it is working on a patch that'll be released soon. You can read more about the PC version of the patch here.

You can also check out our review of No Man's Sky here, and our list of everything you need to know about the game here.

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