Fan-Designed Nintendo T-Shirts Picked By Miyamoto Now On Sale

A line of Nintendo-inspired t-shirts selected by Mario's creator are available at Uniqlo.


Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo's line of Nintendo-inspired t-shirts is now on sale.

The new collection, which features shirts based on Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and a host of other Nintendo properties, is the result of Uniqlo's most recent T-Shirt Grand Prix. The annual contest asks fans to submit designs based on a particular theme; the winning designs would then be produced and sold at Uniqlo stores. Nintendo was the theme of this Grand Prix, and all of the winners were chosen by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. More than 16,000 submissions were entered in the contest, from which only 25 designs were selected. You can see the full gallery of winners here.

The first-place design, featuring a giant pixelated rendition of Nintendo's iconic plumber Mario, was submitted by Takashi Kawazoe, who won $10,000 and a Nintendo Switch autographed by Miyamoto. Shino Yamazaki took home $3,000 and an autographed Switch as well for his second-place design, an Inkling squid formed out of paintball splatters, while the third place Legend of Zelda-inspired shirt won its designer, David Ricardo Flores Gomez, $500.

Fans can purchase the t-shirts in stores and on the Uniqlo website. Men's and women's shirts retail for $14.90, while kids' shirts run for $9.90 each.

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