Fan Creates T-Shirt That Plays Tetris

Made in celebration of the iconic game's 30th anniversary.


Iconic puzzle game Tetris is already available on numerous platforms, and it has even been played on the sides of buildings, but its reach continues to grow further still. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tetris, one superfan created a t-shirt that lets you play the game on it.

"I always wanted a playable t-shirt," Marc Kerger wrote on the video's page on YouTube. "Well, now I made one myself." To make the shirt, Kerger put an Arduino Uno, 4 AA batteries, and 128 LEDs into the piece of clothing. More details about how it works are available in the video above.

Tetris was released in June 1984. On the game's 30th anniversary last month, creator Alexey Pajitnov said he never imaged Tetris would become as successful as it is today. The game has seen more than 425 million paid downloads to date. Pajitnov also revealed that he still plays the game every week.

The Tetris Company agent Blue Planet Software said last month that it envisions the game will last another 30 years or more, and announced plans to extend licensing arrangements to various markets outside of gaming.

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