Fan creates Captain America Xbox 360 mod

Twenty-one-year-old sculpture student Zachariah Cruse reveals custom Xbox 360 case mod inspired by The Avengers.


Captain America is one of 21-year-old sculpture student Zachariah Cruse's favorite superheroes. To mark his appreciation for the fictional character, Cruse created a custom Xbox 360 case based on the Marvel superhero.

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As detailed on Cruse's website, the custom Xbox 360 S model boasts a familiar blue and white color scheme, as well as Captain America's iconic shield and the famous "A" and wings from his mask.

Cruse is a student at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has previously created a custom Iron Man Xbox 360, as well as various other gaming-focused system mods. His work is available for purchase by commission.

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