Famous Sydney Opera House Invites Fans to Come Play Pokemon Go

Australia's famous music hall hosting a Pokemon Go party next week.


[UPDATE] The Sydney Opera House's Pokemon GO event will now take place on Wednesday July 20, from 12pm-2pm. The event was originally planned for Monday, July 18.

Seemingly everyone is responding to the Pokemon Go craze--from pizza places to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Now, Australia's famous Sydney Opera House has announced it will host a Pokemon Go party this coming Wednesday, July 20. Hundreds are expected to attend, congregating at the site in hopes of catching elusive Pokemon.

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The event's Facebook page mentions that organizers will pay to lure Pokemon to the Opera House for two hours that day. The event runs from 12 PM - 2 PM local time on July 20.

"Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the game servers will stay alive, but we will continue to try to put lures out for this entire two-hour period," the organizer said.

The Opera House also mentioned that this event is not being held in association with Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs or The Pokemon Company. Soon, places will be able to pay to become sponsored Pokemon Go locations, but that is not the case for this event.

So far, 340 people have said they will attend the Pokemon Go party at the Opera House, while a further 973 have said they are "interested."

Not every establishment is thrilled with visitors playing Pokemon Go. The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. recently asked people to stop playing the game during their visits.

Pokemon Go launched in the US last week and is now hitting the UK. It's become a global phenomenon on a level not even Niantic might have imagined.

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