Family Guy's Stewie Wants You To Get The Vaccine

Get the vaccine, Stewie says in a remixed version of the famous 2006 "Mom" scene from the Stewie Loves Lois episode.


Stewie from Family Guy has a message for Lois--and the rest of the world: Get the vaccine. In a silly new clip posted on YouTube, the famous "Mom, Mum, Momma" scene from the Season 5 episode is remixed with Stewie blurting out "Get the vaccine" when Lois finally answers him.

In case it wasn't already incredibly obvious, this is a PSA to encourage people to get the vaccine. The description of the video states, "It's up to you to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and get vaccinated in your region."

This clip will run during the end credits of this Sunday's new Family Guy episode, according to Deadline. The new clip ends by directing people to

Family Guy is currently on its 19th season. Recently, star Mila Kunis spoke about why she hopes the show stays on TV forever.

"I'm so grateful for this job. I can't believe people still care. I'm so happy that we have the writers that we have. I've been recording it through all of quarantine from my closet. I started it when I was 15. It's been the greatest job ever. Ever. Hands down. I dare anybody to tell me they have a better, more amazing job," she said.

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