Family Guy's COVID-19 PSA Encourages Everyone To Get The Vaccine

Do you want to see Gal Gadot and her friends sing Imagine again? Get the vaccine and we won't have to, Stewie says.

Seth MacFarlane has revealed a new Family Guy-themed COVID-19 vaccine PSA featuring Stewie and Brian encouraging people to get the vaccine. In the clip, which debuted on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show before the full-length video was published later on (see below), Stewie runs through the reasons why it's important to follow CDC guidance and take the vaccine.

"The common side effects from the COVID vaccines are generally mild and last a few days. But do you know what can have serious long-term side effects? COVID," Stewie says to Brian, who is playing the skeptic in the video.

Then Brian asks Stewie about what people could say to a person--namely, Peter--who doesn't feel the need to get the vaccine if everyone else around them does.

"Getting the shot not only protects him but also the people around him. But even more importantly, if the virus is allowed to spread through an unvaccinated population, it could mutate into a variant that the vaccine might not protect against," Stewie says, as the shot cuts to Meg depicted as a horrible virus. "And then we're right back to where we started: Gal Gadot singing 'Imagine.' We cannot let that happen!"

This is not the first Family Guy vaccine PSA, as the show ran a PSA of sorts in April featuring Stewie performing the "Mom, Mum, Momma" scene from the Season 5 episode remixed with Stewie shouting "get the vaccine" when Lois finally answers him. Before that, there was a fake podcast with Stewie and Brian talking about COVID in general.

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