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Fallout's T-60 Power Armor Confirmed For Fortnite

Rep the Brotherhood of Steel in Season 5 Chapter 3.


The Fortnite island might be turning into a Fallout wasteland in a matter of days. A new teaser shows what looks like Snooty Steppes featuring a post-apocalyptic makeover, plus confirms that the T-60 power armor will appear in the battle-royale game soon with Chapter 5 Season 3.

The official Fortnite account on X (formerly known as Twitter) posted a brief 2-second clip that was packed full of small details. For instance, there are several color styles of Fallout's power armor on display. One character uses some sort of new item, like a nitro juice that can splash onto teammates. Additionally, the short video seems to showcase a variety of weapons: the laser rifle, mini-gun, harpoon gun, and repeater.

Last week, Fortnite teased the Fallout crossover for a rumored post-apocalyptic theme for Chapter 5 Season 3, which should begin this weekend. That's because Season 2 is slated to end this Friday, May 24. A previous image hinted at a Nitro Dome for the upcoming season, with thoughts that a Mad Max collaboration could be in the cards, too. However, that hasn't been announced.

Meanwhile, Fortnite Festival just did something it's never done before by offering three new tracks from Billie Eilish at the same time they were officially released. The songs are: "Chihiro," "The Diner," And "Lunch."

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