Fallout: The Frontier Mod Taken Down After Modder Shared Pedophilic Content

The team said the developer in question had been expelled and that controversial content had been removed from Fallout: The Frontier.


The long-in-development Fallout: New Vegas PC mod that recently launched, The Frontier, has been taken offline due to "deeply disturbing" content shared by a member of the team.

According to the team's project lead Thomas "tgspy," who delivered a message on the mod's Discord server, the artist in question had "posted animated pedophilic content on their personal artist accounts." The artist has been removed from the team and the developers went to work removing the various inflammatory content used in the game by that person.

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"We have received requests to remove some content provided to us by artists and voice actors, so we will be complying with these requests," tgspy told Eurogamer. "I will be pushing a final build to [Nexus Mods] and waiting for the [Steam] build to be accepted."

Tgspy notes that this update for The Frontier "will be the final official build pushed for [the mod]." They go on to say that the team is "too burnt out and upset at the recent happenings" to keep working on The Frontier. The mod has been set to hidden on Nexus Mods and its official website has been taken down while the development team deals with the controversy. The mod is still planned to hit Steam and won't receive any future updates once it goes live.

The Frontier caught heat for other controversial content on top of this debacle. The team removed incendiary scenes--such as instances where players could have sex with a deathclaw or enslave an NPC companion named America--from the game after players took to social media to voice concerns about the "fetishy" content found within The Frontier.

The Frontier, a massive mod for the critically acclaimed Besthesda RPG Fallout: New Vegas, dropped earlier this month for PC players who own the base game. It added over 150 new weapons and more than 30 hours of gameplay content to Fallout: New Vegas.

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