Fallout Tactics Development Update

Interplay gives us an update on the progress of its upcoming squad-based combat game.


Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

We received a progress report today from designer Dan Levin on the development of Interplay's upcoming third-person squad-based combat game Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. The demo design is now complete, and it will consist of three tutorials and two missions with random encounters. The estimated demo release date is November 15th.

The development team is currently focusing on the sound and music in the game. The team is listening to demo tapes from voice actors, and discussing options for ambient music. The rest of the game is coming along as planned, and according to Dan, "the missions for the full version are right on track and looking really good. So far, I believe we managed to keep [the RPG] feel in a game that has increased strategy and multiplayer function [but still] totally belongs in the Fallout universe."

In Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel the player controls the leader of a squad of up to six characters in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the previous Fallout games. The game features a role-playing-style character development system, high-quality pre-rendered graphics, and it supports continuous turn-based play. A multiplayer mode is also included.

Check back later this week for an in-depth video interview with the game's developers brought to you by GameSpot Live.

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