Fallout Shelter Update Adds New Customization Options, 3D Touch

The latest Fallout Shelter update gives you more customization options for vault dwellers, the ability to scrap items, and more.


Bethesda's mobile game, Fallout Shelter, has received a new update that gives players new customization options for vault dwellers, the ability to scrap unwanted items to build stuff you want, and 3D Touch support for those using an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Bethesda announced update 1.5's details in a press release. The new customization options have been added to the Barbershop, while new outfits can now be crafted or found in lunchboxes. The press release mentions that you can make your vault dwellers look like ghouls.

Crafting was added in update 1.4, and now you can scrap items you don't want to turn them into junk--this can then be used to craft new gear.

iPhone 6s or 6s Plus users can now utilize their phone's 3D Touch feature with Fallout Shelter. You can skip the main menu and load directly into a vault, as well as assign dwellers and access storage by tapping the appropriate room.

Pictured: 3D Touch menu
Pictured: 3D Touch menu

Fallout Shelter is available now on iOS and Android devices.

In other Fallout-related news, a new patch for Fallout 4 has been released and adds support for the Survival Mode and new DLC.

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