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Fallout Shelter Reaches 50 Million Players

New heights.


Bethesda's first-ever mobile game, Fallout Shelter, is a huge hit. Tonight during Bethesda's E3 2016 briefing, the company announced that the mobile game has reached 50 million players.

It's a free game, but that's still a big number. While no details were shared about how much money the game has brought in from microtransactions, reports have said it's a bigtime money-maker.

This was confirmed as part of an announcement that Fallout Shelter is also coming to PC. Additionally, the game is getting a "really big update" that will include new locations to visit, enemies to defeat, and new characters to add to your Vault.

You'll also be able to send dwellers out on quests, and an "all-new" combat system. No details were shared regarding what's been changed about the combat.

Fallout Shelter was announced and released one year ago this month.


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