Fallout Shelter Hits PC Today, Here's How to Get It

The hit mobile game comes to PC.


After millions of downloads on iOS and Android, Bethesda's popular mobile game Fallout Shelter spread to a new platform today: PC.

People on NeoGAF discovered the game went live today, though it appears to only be available through the Bethesda.net launcher. Bethesda referenced this in a tweet today, which includes a link to the launcher.

A massive update for Fallout Shelter's mobile version is also scheduled for this week. It's coming out tomorrow, July 14, according to another tweet.

The Fallout Shelter PC version and the big mobile update were announced at E3 during the publisher's briefing.

Fallout Shelter, a free game that also offers microtransactions, is a massive hit with some 50 million downloads to date. Bethesda is going to make more mobile games, though these have not been announced. Fallout Shelter is Bethesda's first mobile game.

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