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Fallout Reaches 5 Million Players In One Day

Across all games, Fallout just reached nearly 5 million players in a day.


The Fallout franchise is thriving, apparently. Bethesda has announced that, across all Fallout games, the series recently hit nearly 5 million players in a single day.

Fallout 76 alone accounted for more than one million of those players. "Holy moly," the developer said in a social media post. Bethesda did not specify as to which day this milestone occurred, but Fallout player numbers have been trending upwards since the Prime Video TV show debuted on April 10.

Jonathan Rush, the creative director for Fallout 76 at Bethesda, said it's been "amazing to see the large influx" of players coming to the game. "A very exciting moment with many (many) more to come!" Rush said.

Fallout 76 and Fallout 4 are both within the list of top 10 best-selling games on Steam right now, and both are inside the top 50 for most-played on Steam.

Fallout 4's long-awaited current-gen update debuts on April 25, so it's likely we'll see even more players checking out the changes soon. The free update allows players to pick between Performance and Quality modes, with up to 60fps support and "increased resolutions" for people playing on the most powerful systems.

On mobile, Fallout Shelter's daily revenue surged to $80,000 in 24 hours after the TV series debuted, compared to $20,000 daily prior to the show's debut.

As for the TV series, Prime Video released every episode in Season 1 on April 10, so fans can binge the entire show now. Season 2 is now in the works, and it could take the action to New Vegas.

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