Fallout: New Vegas DLC resumes May 17

Fresh round of add-on packs for Obsidian's postapocalyptic RPG begins with Honest Hearts, followed by Old World Blues in June, Lonesome Road in July; $10 price tag.

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Exposure is always a concern with nuclear fallout, and Bethesda succeeded not at all in avoiding it with New Vegas' upcoming downloadable content packs. In January, word slipped out that its first add-on--Dead Money--would be followed by three more DLC packs, a fact that Bethesda confirmed in early February. Today, the publisher detailed just what gamers can expect from the add-on packs.

Honest Hearts will lead the three-pack, arriving for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on May 17. The action takes place in Utah's Zion National Park and sees gamers leading an expedition that is swamped by a roving tribal war party. Players are then charged with escaping to the Mojave, battling the belligerent nomads in the process.

New Vegas continues to experience DLC aftershocks.
New Vegas continues to experience DLC aftershocks.

In June, Bethesda will release Old World Blues. The add-on pack sees gamers forced into partaking in a gruesome science experiment that also offers a closer look at the Mojave's mutated-monster contingent. Gamers will be presented with the option of battling the maniacal scientists or joining with them to fend off "an even greater threat."

Lastly, the Lonesome Road DLC will drop in July. In it, gamers will be contacted by the original Courier Six, who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the beginning of the game. Gamers will be offered the reason for his refusal if they agree to venture into the Divide, which has been ravaged by earthquakes and hurricanes.

Developed by the recently layoff-struck Obsidian Entertainment, the three add-on packs will each cost $10 (800 Microsoft points). All three are set for simultaneous release for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on their respective ship dates.

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