Fallout New Vegas And KOTOR 2 Writer Is Penning Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Avellone finishes up another Star Wars game.

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Now Playing: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Reveal Coming In April - GS News Update

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Writer Chris Avellone has finished his portion for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. He also announced that he's working on something else--a secret project that may be revealed in April.

Avellone is known as the writer behind several story-driven video games, including one of the most popular Star Wars titles ever made: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords. His more recent work includes Divinity: Original Sin II, Prey, and Into the Breach--the first of which made our top 10 games of 2017 list and the latter of which is one of our favorites for 2018. Avellone was also on the writing team at Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas and he was the lead storyteller for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Other than Jedi Fallen Order and his secret, unannounced project, Avellone's future work also includes Dying Light 2.

Jedi Fallen Order is being made by Respawn, the developer behind the first-person shooter Titanfall 2 and battle royale game Apex Legends. Respawn CEO Vince Zampella officially announced the upcoming Star Wars game at E3 2018. He described Jedi Fallen Order as a dark story that transpires between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You'll take on the role of a Jedi Padawan that escaped Order 66, and, armed with a lightsaber, explore an Empire-ruled galaxy. Exact details haven't been announced yet, but there are certain characters, places, and storylines we hope to see unfold in Jedi Fallen Order.

EA has announced that more details about Jedi Fallen Order will be revealed at this year's Star Wars Celebration. The event is scheduled April 11-15, with the Jedi Fallen Order reveal set for Saturday, April 13 during a special panel. Hopefully, during the Star Wars Celebration, we'll get some more information about the new season for The Clone Wars. The animated series is getting a surprise seventh season--after being cancelled in 2014--but there hasn't been much talk about it since the Comic-Con 2018 announcement that the show was coming back.

Jedi Fallen Order is currently scheduled for Fall 2019. Previous announcements stated the release date would specifically align with the holiday season, but an EA financial report may have implied that the game could be coming out earlier than that. That same report revealed that EA has new Plants vs. Zombies and Need for Speed games planned as well.

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Avatar image for PETERAKO

What happened with all that "pivot the design" BS EA was spewing about single player linear games?

Avatar image for sebb

I’m hyped for this.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Well,since its Respawn,the combat should be good.

I just hope they made a good story like in Titanfall 2. If the story fails and therefore the campaign,Star Wars games should land in other company hands! I dont care about multiplayer

Avatar image for voljin1987

EA.. so it will be kotor with microtransactions. Whoo

Avatar image for EricShadow366

I would like to point that this is the game guy who wrote KoTOR 2....and that games story was kind of a mess. Imo

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Was interested till EA

Avatar image for Barighm

Hmm...didn't see Respawn was producing the game. Apparently the only reason Apex turned out as well as it did is because Respawn kind of developed the game without EA's knowledge, or at least managed to figure out a way to keep EA's greedy mitts off the game. It's still very much an EA game with the usual EA pitfalls, but at least it's a very good one. So there is a chance this might actually turn out good.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Yeah, but what is EA going to do with his work? Mismanage and ruin it, more likely.

Avatar image for mboettcher

He's finished writing it, but let's hope they include everything he wrote since Obsidian botched the ending to KOTOR2.

Avatar image for anduril1

If not for Vince Zampella and Jason West heading respawn, I would have little faith in any studio under EA producing a great game. They seem to employ the right people like Chris Avellone and don't take s%!t from executives whether EA or Activision, they'd rather show them the finger and quit.

Avatar image for boardsport311

@anduril1: Jason West left Respawn years ago.

Avatar image for icelandichossi

Chris Avellone is amazing. won't buy this game because I hate EA but I might %*&%# it.....(pirates of the Caribbean theme plays). When Chris left Obsidian there was a lot of bad blood with him saying that the head owner guy didn't want to pay some of the employees who took a pay cut to ship a game and other shady stuff but I guess we will never find out what really went on

Avatar image for m4a5

I'll give it a chance until unsavoury details emerge.

Respawn has a good track record right now, so that definitely helps lol.

Avatar image for Barighm

But EA.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

Sometimes I have hope because BF1 is a fantastic EA published game, so it's not like a talented studio can't have a home run under them.

But then the same duo released BF5 which is a relentless piece of content light, camper infested garbage that obviously was rushed and not properly tested. And that's not even mentioning the last 2 SW games.

Moderately optimistic as Respawn is fairly solid.

Avatar image for attirex

Jedi Order will be a "online multiplayer co-op battle royale e-sports MOBA with light RPG elements, DLC, and cosmetic-only microtransactions."

Avatar image for voljin1987

@attirex: Something something pride and accomplishment.

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4c0b80dcd76

Can we please have a modern SW game that’s fun to play like Jedi Knight or even Force Unleashed, also while having a compelling 10 hour single player campaign? Is that so much to ask?

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@mbrogz3000: I'd rather have an rpg with real depth that can keep me engaged for dozens of hours. But since this is an EA game we're talking about you'll probably get the mdeiocre simplistic action game you're looking for, like the Force Unleashed games whose whole appeal seemed to revolve around the physics engine.

Avatar image for phinix

@Atzenkiller: Aw man, did you know you can only "upvote" something once?!


Avatar image for good_coop89


My Fallout senses are tingling...

Avatar image for Barighm

@good_coop89: Clean your nose. Fallout 76 stinks.

Avatar image for good_coop89

@Barighm: Yes it does.

But New Vegas doesn't...

Avatar image for Barighm

@good_coop89: Irrelevant. The only way the context of your post applies to what Avellone tweeted is if we're talking about Fallout 76, or new DLC for Fallout 4, but I doubt it.

Avatar image for good_coop89

@Barighm: .....I guess you're right : (

(starts sobbing)

Avatar image for cboye18

EA is at command, so it's going to be bad regardless. We can wait and see, of course, but I don't expect anything out of the ordinary.

Avatar image for Flen15

I despise EA, but Chris Avellone has a knack for producing gold. I'll wait to see gameplay and hear how the game is received, but I might be buying my first EA game in years.

Avatar image for mdinger

Did Kathleen Kennedy (President of Disney Lucasfilm) have anything to do with this game? If so, I'm out. There is only so much original canon/character destruction I can handle.

Avatar image for infiniin

@mdinger: Frankly speaking I'm happy Legends wasn't merged into current canon despite some character appearances (Bane in Clone Wars, Revan as in Galaxy of Heroes etc.), because Disney would have fucked up countless characters (say Exar Kun, Revan) and important eras (hence timeline inconsistency, but still notable events happened that shaped up whole SW Galaxy).

Avatar image for voljin1987

@infiniin: Seriously bummed me out.. I mean they could have gone anywhere.. used the thrawn trilogy, the yuuzan vong invasion storyline or the jacen solo going sith storyline.. instead we got a charisma vaccum called ma-rey sue.

Avatar image for calinks

Funny I just saw an interview with him a month back or so and he talked about how the Star Wars universe bores him. Interview took place years ago.

Avatar image for JackNief

Cool. Can't wait for them to cancel this one too.

Avatar image for MadCat221

Between his insistence on deconstructing all the fun out of a story via a cynical author avatar and his inability to complete sentences in reams of monotonous and sanctimonious dialogue, I have lost interest in this game now that I know Chris Avellone is a principal writer.

Avatar image for dvdjedi

I wonder if EA made him include a lore reason for lootboxes in the game.

Avatar image for fsunolez75

@dvdjedi: George Lucas was wrong in the prequel trilogy. Mitochondria are not the source of a jedi's powers. Lootboxes are. Therefore we must have lootboxes in if we hope to power up our jedi main character.

Avatar image for dvdjedi

@fsunolez75: I think you're on to something here. They won't be called "lootboxes" but rather, "Jedi Holocrons" and you will need to get them to unlock new Force abilities.

Avatar image for rekonym

KOTOR2's story was good. But there's EA involved, so even though the story might be alright, the gameplay will suck ass; or it will be full of bugs because obviously rushed out.

Avatar image for Wraith3

*Looks back and forth between Chris Avellone and the EA logo*

Stop *#$(&@* with my head!!!

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

@Wraith3: Has there been an good Star Wars game lately, Do not think so. Leave it to EA to muck it up.

Avatar image for Brettsky128

@Wraith3: Exactly. I have no idea how to feel about this game.

Avatar image for aross2004

@Brettsky128: Right? I want to be stoked for this game, but then the EA goons show up and start kicking me in the nuts for being excited about it.