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Fallout London Delayed Due To Fallout 4 Update

Here's why Fallout London is getting delayed.


Team FOLON, the indie studio behind the highly anticipated Fallout London mod, recently announced that the mod has been delayed due to the Fallout 4 current-gen update.

Team FOLON took to its official YouTube channel to explain that it originally planned to release Fallout London on April 23, which aligned with St. George's Day, a celebration that takes place in England. This is an issue because Fallout 4 is scheduled to receive a significant update on April 25. In the video, Dean Carter, the project lead, explained that prior to the news of Bethsda updating Fallout 4, the team was "tweaking and testing non-stop in order to get things as stable as we can for you all in time for that release," but now because of the update their work is more prevalent than ever to "simply break."

As of right now, it's unclear when Fallout London will officially be released because everyone working on it is a volunteer. But the team says it is fully committed to releasing the mod to the masses as soon as possible.

Carter further explains that the overall update is great because now the team "can push the engine even harder than" it has pushed it in the past. Because of this, the mod will also receive quality-of-life improvements, as well as widescreen compatibility.

Despite being so popular, Team FOLON has never had a point of contact with Bethesda.

"Bethesda has never reached out to us during our entire tenure," Carter said. "We've never had an in-depth conversation with [Bethesda] ever."

Even though the new update does come with many perks, the team is still unable to bring the mod to consoles. "The mod is far too big. It's currently standing around 30 to 40 gigabytes. It's just not going to fit on the Xbox systems. I'm sorry, that's the truth of it."

The mod's size even poses a challenge for PC players, as it's too big to fit on Nexus Mods, the popular mod hub. However, thanks to GOG, PC players will be able to play Fallout London once it goes live using their accounts. The mod is confirmed for Steam, though the team hasn't ruled out the Epic Games Store as a landing spot either.

As the name suggests, Fallout London takes place in London. The mod is set to take place 50 years before the events of Fallout 4, with an emphasis on realism and melee combat. Players can explore a destroyed London and visit iconic landmarks that survived the bombs, like Big Ben and the Tower of London.

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