Fallout, KOTOR Dev Is No Longer Working On Its Tank Game

"We are proud of everything we did on Armored Warfare and want to thank all of our dedicated fans for their involvement and support."


Russian video game publisher My.com has taken over development duties on Fallout: New Vegas and Knights of the Old Republic II developer Obsidian's tank game, Armored Warfare.

As of February 11, all future development on the free-to-play game will be handled by My.com.

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In a statement (via Polygon), Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said his studio was grateful to have worked on Armored Warfare for the past four years and is happy to transition development to My.com.

Obsidian has a number of projects in development, including Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, as well as ongoing support for Tyranny and Pathfinder: Adventures. The studio is also working on unannounced games, Urquhart said.

"We are proud of everything we did on Armored Warfare and want to thank all of our dedicated fans for their involvement and support."

The statement does not explain why the transition is taking place or if there will be any job losses at Obsidian as a result.

My.com also recently announced that it had taken over development responsibilities on Crytek's free-to-play shooter Warface.

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"Fallout, KOTOR Dev Is No Longer Working On Its Tank Game" Great, now get working on a Fallout, KOTOR game (preferably KOTOR).

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Did they ever really want to work on this F2P crap? Sounded like they were just doing it to pay the bills.

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From what I found out MailRU who were behind the game wanted a full WoT rip off while obsidian wanted to make it familiar yet different. At the end MailRU went full Stalin. Obsidian was basically fired. As far as I understood 1)MailRU are contend with unfinished and unrefined games because russian gamers don't really care about quality(would like a russian gamer to confirm this) 2)therefore MailRU are short sighted and don't see beyond the russian market which also means that theres going to be russian bias.

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This game is going through such a major change at the moment with Balance 2.0 that I am not surprised they are making it in-house now. Though I fear that this game will not succeed in resurrecting its player base with the changes(I hope they do succeed though). Still a fun game, though the arcade elements does kind of bother me(Though in this day and age I really can't expect any more modern tank sims/semi sims outside of Steel Beasts PE that will be even somewhat popular unfortunately).

I will be happy if Obsidian starts going back to their RPG side of development, this studio is just great.

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Why was a great RPG company like Obsidian working on a friggin tank game? Seriously? The market is over saturated with war games. Get back to RPGs.

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@lod_democide: There's far more recent RPGs than war games, which isn't even a fair comparison. They weren't a FPS maker either, but New Vegas was well received. I'd love to see RPG elements in other kinds of games, and they'd be the ones best suited to do it.

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Never even heard of this game.

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Can Obsidian make me my KotOR 3 or Fallout NV 2 now?

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@vilified_signals: ToR is KotOR 3. If we ever get another singleplayer game in that series it will be Bioware/EA.

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@vilified_signals: KOTOR3 is never happening, cause Disney.