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Fallout, Elder Scrolls, More Discounted in Xbox One/PS4/PC QuakeCon Sale

$10 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, $40 Elder Scrolls Online, $20 Skyrim Legendary Edition, $100 QuakeCon bundle, and more.


As QuakeCon 2015 begins today, Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, Steam, and other digital PC game retailers have launched sales themed around the event.

With Bethesda being the parent company of Quake maker id Software, there's much more included than just Quake and Doom games (though there are some of those, too).

Among the highlights on Steam are Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition for $13.39, Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition for $10.39, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition for $20. Dishonored's Game of the Year Edition, which is effectively the equivalent of the console-exclusive Definitive Edition, is $20, while Commander Keen is $3.

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Maybe best of all is the 2015 QuakeCon Bundle, which consists of more than a dozen games (and their accompanying DLC) for $100.

On PC, you'll also find similar prices to the Steam sale on the Humble Store, Amazon, GameStop, and Direct2Drive.

Console gamers can also get in on the deals, some of which were already available before today.

PSN's QuakeCon sale features PS3 and PS4 games, including The Elder Scrolls Online for $40 and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood for $10.

Xbox Live is home to Bethesda deals on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, including The Elder Scrolls Online for $40, The Evil Within's Xbox One season pass for $13.39, and Doom II for $2.49.

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