Fallout Dev Was Working on Mad Max Game, Here's What Happened to It

Interplay's Brian Fargo says EA got involved and it fell apart.


Interplay Entertainment, the studio known for the Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and The Bard's Tale franchises, was at one point working on a video game for an older version of Mad Max: Fury Road, but EA threw a spanner in the works.

Speaking to Kotaku, Interplay founder Fargo said it was pretty much a done deal between Interplay and Mad Max creator George Miller.

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"I got to fly with him to Whistler, Canada, on the Universal private jet–because Universal used to own half of Interplay–and spend three hours with him," he said.

"The Road Warrior was my favourite movie for a decade. I'd watch it over and over again so I was a huge fan of Miller's. [Miller] was familiar with Wasteland and Fallout and loved the work we'd done. So half of the ride was us fanboying and half was 'OK, let's do something'."

According to Fargo, he was given permission by Miller to read the script for Fury Road and they came to an agreement for Interplay to work on a party-based RPG similar to Fallout and Wasteland.

However, the project fell apart when EA heard about the arrangement and offered Miller $20 million for the rights to Mad Max. Fargo claims Miller signed the rights away, but neither the game nor the $20 million materialised.

Fargo added that part of the problem was that the movie had a tumultuous production path, bouncing from Fox to Warner Bros., and staying there for a number of years before going into production.

A Mad Max game is now in development at Avalanche Studios, the team behind Just Cause. Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game is an open-world, third-person action game set in the world of Mad Max.

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"EA got involved and it fell apart."

Thanks captain obvious, dont need to read past the headline there.

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@blackothh: Was going to post the same thing.

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@blackothh: Yeah, I thought the same thing. "What happened to it? EA, that's what happened to it."

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The Buzz Killington of the video games world.

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Miller sold his soul to the devil

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Adding this to my "Why I hate EA" list!

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@homey_d_clown: I stopped adding to my list a while ago, since it was already impossible for them to make amends, besides folding.

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Lol Why am I not surprised?

EA are just awful, I feel sorry for anybody working for them with any sort of actual brilliance because EA will put a stop to that immediately.

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@punksterdaddy: What still boggles my mind is how companys keep getting involved with EA and thing fall apart or the company gets closed. its not like its a secret that they have been making DOA games for this whole decade now. On the consumer side, i think its still too early but soon they will run out of people that preorder a bad game on blind/brand faith alone, there are a lot of consumers but even the stupid people value their money to some degree. The day that they announce they are shutting down will be one of the best and most celebrated days in gaming history.

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@blackothh@punksterdaddy: Companies keep getting involved for one reason: Money. I can't help but wonder if EA takes a "join us or we'll destroy you" approach that developers have to settle for. I was recently re-watching Six Feet Under and it was a stark reminder how many assets large companies have to take small companies out. It's really sad.

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EA, it's definitely not in it for the game.

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May it ride forever, shiny and chrome.

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@Mogan: To Valhalla!

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@o_jimmy@Mogan: Witness me!

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That's a real business side of things bummer. At least the movie turned out great.

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@Mogan: Well I loved it but my parents didn't (and they were a fan of the original films)

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@cboye18@Mogan: yeah I also didnt love it. I liked it but didnt love it. I was a teenager when the first came out and the Road Warrior is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Issues I had with it was too many guns and too many ham-fisted political messages (I get why they added all the guns though, the old women needed to be able to fight).

Also, this wasnt even a movie about Mad Max, Charlize Theron's character was really the hero of the movie.

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@oflow@cboye18@Mogan: I have to disagree, i think the message that bald people shouldn't be allowed to drive was very well implemented.

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