Fallout Dev Was Working on Mad Max Game, Here's What Happened to It

Interplay's Brian Fargo says EA got involved and it fell apart.


Interplay Entertainment, the studio known for the Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and The Bard's Tale franchises, was at one point working on a video game for an older version of Mad Max: Fury Road, but EA threw a spanner in the works.

Speaking to Kotaku, Interplay founder Fargo said it was pretty much a done deal between Interplay and Mad Max creator George Miller.

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"I got to fly with him to Whistler, Canada, on the Universal private jet–because Universal used to own half of Interplay–and spend three hours with him," he said.

"The Road Warrior was my favourite movie for a decade. I'd watch it over and over again so I was a huge fan of Miller's. [Miller] was familiar with Wasteland and Fallout and loved the work we'd done. So half of the ride was us fanboying and half was 'OK, let's do something'."

According to Fargo, he was given permission by Miller to read the script for Fury Road and they came to an agreement for Interplay to work on a party-based RPG similar to Fallout and Wasteland.

However, the project fell apart when EA heard about the arrangement and offered Miller $20 million for the rights to Mad Max. Fargo claims Miller signed the rights away, but neither the game nor the $20 million materialised.

Fargo added that part of the problem was that the movie had a tumultuous production path, bouncing from Fox to Warner Bros., and staying there for a number of years before going into production.

A Mad Max game is now in development at Avalanche Studios, the team behind Just Cause. Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game is an open-world, third-person action game set in the world of Mad Max.

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Avatar image for dark_princess29

if this game is gonna be lik e th fall out games im not getting it

Avatar image for pirate_or_ninja

@dark_princess29: did you even read the article beyond the first few sentences?

Avatar image for BelaidKL

Shame this project fell apart, however the upcoming Mad Max from Avalanche Studios does look great... Reminds me of Shadow of Mordor

Avatar image for Stiler

To be honest I am kind of glad it fell apart. It's not because I don't think interplay wouldn't have made a good game,

I love Fallout 1/II, tut to me mad max isn't about turn-based or a party-based tactial rpg.

Mad max needs the action, the driving, to me that is what the game should be.

I think it would hav ebeen great if they could have melded those two aspects together. Keep the action and the driving, but also have a party and deep rpg story/choices and things to make like the old fallout games.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

I take it this is during the EA circa 2005-2009 when they were canning games left and right......

remember that innovative looking Command & Conquer FPS game Westwood had in the works where you played a battlefield commander, someone who get's their hands dirty while still commanding units into action......seemed really interesting and different and it was canned.....

it's kinda shocking how EA still has any rep left.....or why any dev would wanna side with em.....

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

EA....we ruin everything

Avatar image for justbefahad

"EA got involved and it fell apart", now I wonder how THAT happened. Hmm.....

Avatar image for DarthLod

EA getting involved ALWAYS turns games to a negative. Wonder why I don't buy EA games...

Avatar image for billzihang

It would have had a better story at Interplay. Just Cause devs writing a story, give me a break.

Avatar image for BFKZ

The videos of the game I've seen so far are seem really shady, like they're trying so hard to hide the bad things in it...Who knows though? Maybe Avalanche can pull it off, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt only because I loved Just Cause 2, and Just Cause 3 looks dope!

Avatar image for PS2fweak

Yeah, EA is a super-rich d*ckhead company, but neither game would've ever seen the light of day, which is why Mad Max is currently being published by Warner Bros and developed by Avalanche Studios.

It's probably better anyways, because I finally watched the original trilogy, and a lot of the stuff I do in JC2 seems more inline with the films. I seriously don't see it as an RPG, and after watching the more in-depth trailer, I think Avalanche at least has the concept locked down. Hopefully they'll deliver.

Avatar image for illage2

EA ...... Really? Fucking bastards, runing another potentially good game.

Avatar image for dranwarren

Ea means electronic arts i think it should mean more like evil aholes

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@dranwarren: You are not the first to make that distinction, I think it part of their mission statement as a company.

Avatar image for dranwarren

Yeah but i hope with avalanche at the helm it will be atleast solid... i really liked the little gameplay they showed and the concept really gave the feel of the mad max films...

Avatar image for foxhound_fox

And people still buy EA's games and give them the means to do these things. STOP BUYING THEIR GAMES.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@foxhound_fox: If you do get burned by an EA game, be sure to get your money back - it is a much easier process then you think, a quick email to the publisher and CC to your states better business bureau and you will get a response in no time. Support the developer, but not the publisher by simply not buying day one launch, wait till it is reduced a few months later where the publisher will get a much smaller cut, and you can also avoid EA launch day blues.

Avatar image for West123

@jenovaschilld@foxhound_fox: LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

Avatar image for ludakriss

@West123@jenovaschilld@foxhound_fox: A very relative statement. Which in turn, could actually aid jenovaschilld's comment as much as it can aid yours :D

Avatar image for Smaug317


Avatar image for Blood_Angel

Bioware is only a shell of what they used to be.

Avatar image for neptune432

I hate that EA did this, but at the same time, would a Mad Max game in an Isometric RPG-style like they described in the article really work out? I think Avalanche's version works better for Mad Max.

That being said, it sucks that these guys got something that they really wanted to do cancelled because EA.

(that gramatical error is intentional by the way)

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@neptune432: I am sorry but a wasteland, fallout CRPG like game would be soooooooooooooooooooo awesome sir.

Avatar image for bussinrounds

@neptune432: Ehh... I'll take the Mad Max cRPG from Black Isle, thank you

Avatar image for Vodoo

EA loves to make cheap, half-assed cash grabs from movie tie-ins. 20 million was probably 10x's the amount of money they would've invested in the game.

Warner Bros. has been on a roll with the quality of their franchises lately. Both Batman & Shadow of Mordor are big money makers and quality games (except for the last Batman game, with all the bugs). Even though they're not a great company, I trust them much more than EA to do ANY game justice. EA would've probably given the dev 6 months of development time to launch the game when the movie releases.

I also thought the Mad Max game coming out was just a car combat game? The one that was announced for XB1 & PS4 when both systems launched. At first it wasn't, but then it was. And now it isn't a car combat game again? Or are there multiple Mad Max games being made?

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Vodoo: Warner Bros. has been on a roll with the quality of their franchises lately. Both Batman & Shadow of Mordor are big money makers and quality games (except for the last Batman game, with all the bugs).

I just wanted to chime in that these franchise games quality and credit all go to the amazing studios that made them, the franchises have literally lost so much value because of how bad other games in the Batman, LOTR ips have done in the past, that Warner licensed IP were sold for a steal, allowing more resources and more importantly - more control go toward the developer.

Warner Bros has done a fine job as a publisher in - just getting out of the way.

Avatar image for b1ank

FFS EA. Well, at least we get some sort of mad max game at least..

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

Interplay?! I thought they went under in the early 2000's?

Anyway, I'm a HUGE fan of theirs. I buy every PS1 game I find with their logo on it.

Avatar image for tommynj

EA should just stick to their sports games and leave everyone else alone.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

"EA got involved and it fell apart"

As it always does. EA is actively toxic to gaming, it prevented this game from being made, and produced nothing of value in its place.

Avatar image for cleevergreen

@Thanatos2k: Yeah... the new Star Wars game, Mass Effect Dragon Age, nothing of value. And before you say "but that's Bioware", Bioware is an imprint of EA.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@cleevergreen@Thanatos2k: It's not a coincidence quality of Dragon Age and Mass Effect fell after EA bought Bioware. ME1 and DA:O are still the best games. The less said about DA2 and ME3 the better.

Avatar image for ludakriss

@Thanatos2k@cleevergreen: I don't know how you could be more relatively accurate, sir ;)

Avatar image for pure_evil_80

I love fallout as much as the next man but if anyone can bring this universe to life in game its probably avalanche.

I mean this universe at its best is not something I could see working too well as an RPG.

A super violent, over the top, open world action game however?

Yeah thats probably gonna fit nicely.

Avatar image for dexter-404

@pure_evil_80: I guess fallout with vehicles could be a perfect mad max game if done right

Avatar image for hystavito

@dexter-404@pure_evil_80: Although going too RPG-ish might make it a bit less Mad Mad-ish :), I think I might prefer that. I think it would be cool to have RPG-like elements such as a lot of items, crafting recipes, etc. Of course to have good vehicle combat you would probably have to completely throw out Fallout's combat system but that's the thing, if done right, meaning having to come up with interesting ways to make it all work and work well.

Instead what we are getting seems like it might be just a few popular action games of recent years with a Mad Max skin thrown on it. We collect generic "scrap" that turns into vehicle upgrades, that's not nearly as cool as actual different items. Traditional third person on foot boss fights, come on, I mean I'd prefer no boss fights at all as I'm not really into scripted encounters but for a Mad Max game at least make the "boss" fights be vehicle based sequences.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@hystavito@dexter-404@pure_evil_80: I would love to play the 'wildchild' toon with the boomerang.

Avatar image for hystavito

@jenovaschilld@hystavito@dexter-404@pure_evil_80: I guess you mean The Feral Kid?

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@hystavito@jenovaschilld@hystavito@dexter-404: yes please

Avatar image for CatAtomic999


Avatar image for XIntoTheBlue

EA ruining something? Why, they've been doing that for years upon years. BioWare's already treading that path to the point of no return.

Avatar image for Xirtahm

"... EA got involved and it fell apart..."


Avatar image for bunchanumbers

I can't really think of any situation where EA got involved and it turned out well.

Avatar image for elheber

We could have had a Wasteland or Fallout style RPG set in the world of Mad Max?

*shakes fist in EA's general direction

I'm not saying I don't want a Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mad Max from Warner Bros, but EA walking in to stomp on a sand castle and then walking away is seriously frustrating.

Avatar image for Brakkyn

EA got involved and something bad happened?


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