Fallout Anthology Packages the Series Inside a Mini Nuke

Get a collectible Fat Man bomb with every Fallout PC game inside.


During the opening ceremony for QuakeCon 2015 today, Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines announced a new Fallout collection coming this year prior to the launch of Fallout 4.

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Called the Fallout Anthology, this PC collection brings together five Fallout games: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, and Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition.

Better yet, the Fallout Anthology comes inside of a Fat Man mini-nuke that features a special bomb sound effect. Bethesda didn't share exactly how big the faux bomb is, but it's large enough to house six games--it also has a spot to store your Fallout 4 disc once it's released on November 10.

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The $50 Fallout Anthology will go on sale in North America on September 29, in Australia on October 1, and in Europe on October 2. Previously, Bethesda offered a similar collection for the Elder Scrolls series.

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Avatar image for jknight5422

They're missing Brotherhood of Steel.

Avatar image for vaultdweller503

Amazon now lists the product dimensions: 13.2 x 8.8 x 8.8 inches ; 3.7 pounds

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

Even though I'm a console gamer, nabbing an indie PC game I can't play anywhere else here and there, the Fallout fan in me is reeeally tempted to get this.

Avatar image for KoRniTo

Seems like a nice package if I didn't own already most of the games in it.

Avatar image for ohllama

Amazon has them up for pre order right now. Just got mine.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Damn it... I've owned each one of these since each of their original launch dates, but these bastards know damned well that I'll probably buy them again just to get this nuke. Meh...

Avatar image for onefai

I got all the Fallout games already. I just want the box.

Avatar image for Darkhol0w

The most important question: do the discs come with a steam activation key? Cause I don't have a DVD-rom anymore.

Avatar image for Dark_Wr4ith

@Darkhol0w: I bought a USB one, but I think I have used it twice in the last 4 years.

Avatar image for HAZCHEM88

Pretty useless putting FO3 in there since most people don't run XP anymore and the game runs like crap on anything after XP. Would be good if they actually fixed the game.

Avatar image for RyanBurnsRed

@HAZCHEM88: I've got it installed right now on Windows 8.1 and it works just fine...so I'm not sure what you mean.

Avatar image for HAZCHEM88

@RyanBurnsRed: Yeah, but you need to tweak a whole bunch of stuff first that you shouldn't have to.

Avatar image for jaasce74

@HAZCHEM88: While it should be working out of the gate, FO3's issues can be fixed through ini tweaks.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

If I didn't already have the games, I would've gotten this.
It'd be awesome if the mini nuke was sold standalone too though.

Avatar image for scubasteveo336

That's really cool make one for my Xbox 1

Avatar image for hystavito

@scubasteveo336: It would make sense since they're both bombs! Ha ha


It would make sense since they're both da bomb! Awww yeeahhhh

Avatar image for Stogin

Man I wish they could re-work the original ones for console...

Avatar image for RoyialNetwork

Welp, i own all these games, in their original disc forms, on Steam and GoG, and while i hate that Fallout 3 needs to be included in the bunch, i'll pick this up still. Fallout is my favorite series of all time, and i'll take any chance to have the hard discs, especially in a mini nuke.

Avatar image for Wraith3

It's cool, but I want to know if it's really 1:1 scale with a "real" in game mininuke.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@Wraith3: Comparing the width of a standard game case to the width of the slot in the bomb, I'd say it's about right.

Avatar image for ztype85

Got them all, still buying this

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Sucks I have all the games

Avatar image for jessie82

mightve been nice some years ago but after getting the first three free through gog and the other two under five bucks each it seems stupid to pay 50 bucks for packaging

Avatar image for NucaCola

They're already sold out on the Bethesda store, and scalpers are already jacking up the price on ebay.


Damn I'm glad I got pipboy edition and fallout anthology collection when I did!

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Kinda like having the games in a replica Fat Man Bomb casing.

Avatar image for streamline

@Megavideogamer: this isn't kinda like, it is that. J/k, I know what you said.

Avatar image for PS2fweak

Never played any of these, so this is perfect.

Avatar image for fka_foofa

Ugh I wanna be able to play New Vegas on my Xbox1 already

Avatar image for Spartan_418

Really hope this means they'll patch Fallout 3 so it can run on Windows 7 and above without crashing constantly

Avatar image for LordCrisp

@Spartan_418: search for Fallout 3 unofficial patch, find and install the latest version and crashes and many bugs is pretty much gone.

Think it's insanely sloppy of Bethesda to not care and just let the modders do Bethesdas job, but that's a different story.

Why do you think Bethesda loves modders so much...?

Avatar image for amerizonamac

@Spartan_418: Actually, I had this issue, there was a simple system file edit fix, now it doesn't crash for me almost at all... *maybe* after hours and hours of play, and that's only b/c my laptop is crazy old. But I'm on Win 7.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

@Spartan_418 said:

Really hope this means they'll patch Fallout 3 so it can run on Windows 7 and above without crashing constantly

It runs perfectly on Windows 10, with or without heavy graphical mods.

Avatar image for greenpolyp

@Spartan_418: Try fallout nexus for user made patches.

Avatar image for ccgod

@Spartan_418: Agreed mine crashes all the time :/

Avatar image for Saidrex

@Spartan_418: it runs perfectly on Win 7, you just need to make couple changes in games config files.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@Saidrex: I've tried several fixes like the one you mentioned and none have worked (I'm on Win 8.1 btw)

And really, if Bethesda is expecting new players to run the games in the collection, they should be able to do it without workarounds or having to downgrade to Vista

Avatar image for Saidrex

@Spartan_418: strange, i have retail, i edited config, installed GFWL disabler mod and played over 50 hours already, i played previously on Win 7 also over 200 hours. So i dunno...

Here's what i edited

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout3 for Vista/Win 7

Open the fallout.ini and scroll down a little, look for the following line:


Change it to:


Hit enter (so it adds a new line) and add the following line:


Save the file and close and you're done.

Avatar image for fallenstaph

@Saidrex: yet those changes should have been done by bethesda not guessed by people on the internet.

Avatar image for HailHellfire

@fallenstaph: agreed

Avatar image for mxk

@HailHellfire: I bet modders will have to step in to make Fallout 4 work.

Avatar image for pharoe777

Nice ! adding it to my collection !

Avatar image for Bowser05

If I didn't already own all these games, I might be interested. Still, not a bad price for a good set of games.

Avatar image for TheQue

The fallout anthology preorder is already live on the Bethesda store. I just preordered mine and received the confirmation email. It's $50 plus $10.85 for shipping.

Avatar image for rasdorx

@TheQue: Really thats not bad figured it would be more because of the nuke.

Avatar image for TheQue

@rasdorx: Agreed. Plus it'll look awful nice next to the pipboy

Avatar image for Hurvl

Great for some, but I got the old Fallout games from GoG when they lost the right to sell them and gave them away. I'll buy the newer ones separately some time.

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