Fallout 76's Upcoming Beer-Brewing Crafting System Further Detailed

Learn how to make your own Nukashine in a new quest coming March 12.

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Bethesda has some big updates in store for Fallout 76 this year, starting with this month's Wild Appalachia expansion. That is slated to kick off on March 12 and will introduce some new content to the online RPG, most notably a Brewing and Distilling system, which the developer further has further detailed in its latest Inside the Vault post.

As part of a new quest called Wasted on Nukashine, players will be able to construct a Brewing Station for their CAMP. As you can imagine, the Brewing Station will give you the ability to craft a variety of different alcoholic drinks, from beer to various wines. These will provide a temporary buff when drunk, but Bethesda warns that they will also "bring a drawback and, just like real life, will result in a mild hangover."

Depending on what type of drink you're trying to make, you'll be able to increase their potency by letting them ferment longer. Wines and Spirits in particular will require a longer fermentation time than other drinks, but they can also change from "fresh" to "vintage" if aged long enough, imbuing them with additional properties.

In addition to the Brewing and Distilling system, Wild Appalachia will introduce two new quests over the next several months: Shear Terror and Ever Upwards. The former focuses on mythical monsters, while the latter has you join the Pioneer Scouts and earn merit badges.

In addition to that, Bethesda is holding the limited-time Fasnacht Parade event beginning March 19, which will give players a chance to earn "unique rewards." The previously teased Survival PvP mode is also slated to arrive on March 26 and will drop all the restrictions around player encounters, making for a much tenser experience.

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How to Flog a Beloved IP to Death 101.

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funny it comes out on March 12th same day as Division 2. If Bethesda thinks Adding beer brewing is going to excite people, they may have to rethink that plan.

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The dwindling playerbase doesn't care.

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Gamers are so fickle. How quickly we forget the No Mans Sky debacle and how quickly they forgave the bullshit, lies and everything else and played after only a few patches. Give it anothert major update or two and people will have forgotten why they got so mad in the first place.

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@listerofsmeg: I very much hate when I buy a game only for it to be a glitchy mess or just incomplete. Gone are the days of going gold - locking out changes to the code. This usually meant that had to be in the best condition possible.

However, at the same time, I commend a game company who will at least stay in it for the long haul and fix their mistakes...eventually. The worst are companies that just say "ah well" and abandon their games after making off with peoples money. They don't even try to fix their problems.

Some examples would be Deus Ex:Mankind Divided, ME:A, and most recently FFXV. Basically all three left story elements unfinished and going nowhere. There were promises of finishing them (at an additional cost to the gamer), but because of low sales the companies determined it was not worth it and just left them in a incomplete state.

I was particularity annoyed with FFXV's cancellation of the modding suite of tools. I had bought the game based on that promise which looks like will never happen.

Fallout 76 has taken some pretty harsh criticism (much of it justified), but I will say they I commend them for at least showing the willingness to try. Though I hope they can do better than encouraging gamers to drink and get drunk for kicks.

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@lion2447: While I get where you're coming from those mistakes should NOT have been made in the first place. If companies took another few months to find out or even listen to what the fans wanted NONE of this would have happened.

Look at comapnies like CDPR. Why are they so successful? Because they listen. Its us buying the game. Its our money. Bethesda are phoning it in at this point. still riding the success wave of games like fallout 3 and Skyrim. Its pathetic. The damage has already been done. No amount of patches and mods can fix that car crash.

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@listerofsmeg: I forgot to mention my personal solution is I no longer buy pre-order or day-one release games. For almost all games, I usually wait a few months for the most major bugs to be fixed. I then look at the game with the newest patches and see if it is still a good game.

"...even listen to what the fans wanted..."

I find this to be a double-edged sword with games. On one hand it does help game companies figure out what gamers want, on the other hand it provides too many varying opinions. Some games try to appease to everyone and end up with too many ideas floating around. The game ends up feeling unfinished and ironically a glitchy mess. So much is going on that nobody then seems to like the game. Many patches and multiple changes will not fix the problem.

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@lion2447: Pre-ordering is not the issue. The company and its reputation is the issue. For example Red dead redemption 2 was worth the preorder. Doesnt matter whether I pay now or 2 weeks before the experience wouldnt have changed, the game was awesome. However, you have to be careful with some companies like EA and Bethesda as their reputation isnt exactly stellar. Especially when it comes to online dealings. Pre-ordering a game just means you are showing utter and complete faith in a company.

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@listerofsmeg: If Fallout 76 fixes all that’s wrong with it, I’m all for forgiveness but I don’t think anyone cares about making Nukeshine. I know I don’t and I won’t be redownloading FO76 for this.

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And I thought this game was about rebuilding the wasteland. Doesn't seem like that will ever happen if the first guys setting foot into the wasteland already start brewing alcohol.

And I assume with the way this game works this is just another thing that people can wreck or nuke for you.

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as someone who opened up a bar in game this excites me alot I cant wait to craft some brews for other players in my bar

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porcine lipstick

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@beirutchamp: Pucker up!

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lol...this game.

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I have never, for the life of me, understood the need for alcohol in games. Most of the time, the drawbacks are enough for me to never use it.

At least in real life, it tastes good and feels good. I don't get why it's in games though.

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@Poodger: Same reason for Snakes cigarettes in the MGS series, for novelty.

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Actually seems like the most interesting thing I've seen out of this game.

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@blufalconultra: "Maybe you should play the game you know which is the point of being a gamer and see why its so successful? I think that's a logical thing to do."

You claim that I can't see what the point is of being a gamer or why FO76 is so successful.

I'm not sure what world you live on, but FO76 was neither very successful nor really did much that actually made it worth playing over a short time for most. It's a game that pushed out of what the normal is for the franchise and I can respect that, but at most the game is just decent. I was making a joke in my original comment, but quite honestly I still find it kind of true. Might just be because I love beer, but there is very little that is attractive from FO76 other than a few snippets of lore (Which I can just go to Nukapedia for considering those snippets aren't really in the form of an experience), a neat character creator, and a new environment that lacks the feeling of living world.

The "logical" thing to do here is to step back and acknowledge that FO76 is a game that tested the waters, but was never really able to achieve what was set for it other than recognition (Which it received, but not in the way it was hoped). It is a game that is just decent, every aspect of the game was just decent at most. Nobody's saying there aren't those who enjoy it, but it should not be said it was a success (Ex: I like Dawn of War 3. Not near as much as the other two, but I did. I will never say it was a success or a great game though). Maybe they can make something out of this game like No Man's Sky, but for now it is pretty much in the same boat as NMS was.

I am a gamer who enjoys things that appeal to me, can recognize flaws as well as strengths in games, and can understand the appeal for games that may not appeal to me.

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Just to clarify...have you played FO76?

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@doodoflife: Yea, I played my brother's copy to see if it was worth getting.