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Fallout 76's First Raid Launches Next Month, Is "Very Challenging"

Second raid already in development.


Bethesda has revealed that Fallout 76 will get its first four-player raid next month. During a Fallout 76 QuakeCon 2019 panel (go to around 13:15), the future of the multiplayer-focused RPG was discussed--including the launch of the Vault 94 raid, which is said to pose quite a challenge to players.

"We are finalizing the first Vault, which is Vault 94," Fallout 76 development director Chris Mayer said. "It's a pretty expansive Vault. We do think it will be very challenging. I, myself, have been challenged in the playtest--many times--trying to get to the end of it. I think some of the rewards are really cool. Some of them might actually help you hide a little better in the environment."

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Mayer followed up by saying Vault 94 should release in "the next few weeks," barring "something really major or unforeseen." Fallout 76 project lead Jeff Gardner added that it would be "definitely August." According to a tweet, August 20 is the specific date.

"The Vaults are designed for four players, but you can solo, duo, or triple them if you're a masochist," Gardner said. "They're super hard. When you go in, you get to choose one of three different difficulty levels. The first one is called Novice, and when you go in, it's still very difficult--don't get me wrong--but it's probably a good way to get used to the Vault and the puzzles and how to handle it. It's very puzzle-based. You have to figure out the right blend and balance between taking down mobs and opening doors and doing different things. The second two levels add a time pressure. There's internal time pressure, from minute-to-minute, but this is a meta time pressure where you have to do the whole [raid] within a certain amount of time."

Like the previous Fallout 76 expansions, these raids will be free for all players. And after the Vault 94 raid releases, it seems like players won't have to wait very long for the follow up Vault 96. "We are [currently developing] the second Vault," Gardner said. "We don't know when it's coming out exactly but it will be in the not too distant future. And it depends on the community. If you like these and you want us to build more then we'll keep building them."

"We do want to space out the release enough that we can get feedback on Vault 94 and then act on it with Vault 96," Mayer added.

Fallout 76 is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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