Fallout 76 Updates Detailed: Stash Space, CAMP, Power Armor Bug, And More

Bethesda plans to support Fallout 76 for a long time to come.

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Two major updates are coming to Fallout 76 in December, Bethesda has announced, the first of which lands on December 4. This update will increase the current Stash limit, and also fix bugs, improve performance and stability, and make some balance changes.

The Stash limit is rising from 400 to 600. That isn't a whole lot, and that's by design. Bethesda said it plans to increase it further after it can determine if the change won't have a negative impact on the game's overall stability. Also new in the update is changes to boss loot; specifically, taking down bosses will now earn players two or three items. The update also fixes an issue where players became stuck in power armor and those who die when overencumbered will now respawn back on the map instead of in Vault 76.

You can see highlights for the December 4 Fallout 76 patch below, as written by Bethesda. The full and complete patch notes are coming later. As for the December 11 patch, it will introduce push-to-talk chat on PC and allow players to respec their Special after level 50. The update will also add a new Camp item, the Bulldozer, while other Camp changes are planned. The patch highlights can be seen further down the page; the text was written by Bethesda.

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Additionally, Bethesda said it's aware that Fallout 76's first major patch was too big--it came in at more than 40 GB on some platforms. The game's future updates should be smaller, but Bethesda didn't provide any details on the degree to which they may decrease in size relative to that first one. "We hear you, and we're working to reduce our patch sizes going forward so that you can get back into game as soon as possible on patch days," Bethesda said.

Fallout 76 might not have been adored by critics, but "millions" of people have played it, Bethesda said. The developer plans to support the game with new updates on a regular basis for potentially years into the future.

December 4 Patch Highlights

  • Stash Limit Increased: We know many of you have been asking for an adjustment to the Stash storage limit, and we’re happy to share that we’re increasing it from 400 to 600. While this is somewhat conservative, we plan to increase the storage cap further once we verify that this change will not negatively impact the stability of the game.
  • Boss Loot: Players should correctly receive two to three items after taking down a boss, depending on the creature’s difficulty and level.
  • Cryolator Effects: Players hit with the Cryolator are now Chilled, Frosted, or Frozen depending on how many times they are hit. The duration of movement speed reductions applied by these effects have also been decreased from 2 hours to 30 seconds.
  • Respawning When Overencumbered: We’ve resolved an issue affecting players who die while overencumbered that only allowed them to Respawn at Vault 76. Now, overencumbered players will be able to respawn at the nearest discovered Map Marker.
  • Stuck in Power Armor: We’ve addressed an issue in this patch that could cause players to become stuck inside Power Armor. We’re also aware that there are some additional cases where this can occur, and we are actively investigating them.

December 11 Patch Highlights

  • PC Additions: A Push-to-Talk setting for Voice Chat, 21:9 resolution support, and a Field of View setting are all being implemented on PC with this update.
  • SPECIAL Respec: After level 50, you’ll be able to choose between a new Perk Card, or moving a SPECIAL point you had previously allocated.
  • C.A.M.P. Placement on Login: Your C.A.M.P. will no longer be automatically blueprinted and stored if someone is occupying your location when you log into a server. Instead, you’ll receive a notification that your space is occupied. If you decide to find a new home for your C.A.M.P. on that server, it will be free to do so. However, if you don’t attempt to place down your C.A.M.P., you will be able to switch to a new server where that spot is vacant and your C.A.M.P. will be fully assembled and waiting for you.
  • Bulldozer: This is a new C.A.M.P. feature that will allow you to remove small trees, rocks, and other obstructions so it’s easier to create and place your C.A.M.P. when and where you want it. You can also "Bulldoze" to clear these items from the surrounding area to make your C.A.M.P. feel more like home!

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This game needs a F.U.N. feature. rofl

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This is basically the SAME article as THIS one! Posted the same day and at the same time! (one minute apart)

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I wish I had paid $35 instead of 60 for this early access game where the beta early access window wasn't even during times I was available, but that's hindsight.

A few of these bug fixes should help. My bug wasn't only spawning at the vault, mine was it wouldn't let me respawn at all, so every time I died I usually had to logout and lose all my dropped items.

Starting to get a hang of the crippled VATS and I still get more people who want to help out than grief. I just let the griefing trolls kill me once then you can block them. They can seriously ruin your gameplay though. Nothing like solo'ing 20 higher level ghouls and a guy launches a mini-nuke on you and the vehicle your standing on goes kaboom.

Then getting disconnected and missing out on all the loot due to bugs.

I'll love Fallout 5 way more(especially if they allow a standalone single player for freeze vats frame which is my favorite part of Fallout series).

I find my well planned out tactical combat is more just Leroy Jenkins in Fallout76.

I think once processing power increases along with loads decreasing over time and optimizations many of the weight issues can be resolved. However this probably just means they should have fixed this all and extended the beta to Q1 2019.

I'm curious how many unique items there are. At least for common items with no durability can easily store with item # and item quantity. Shouldn't be too hard on storage and performance. We don't need to store 100 different weapons with different mods and durability, only a few which we'll be able to do once junk and ammo isn't overencumbering us.

It just won't be a $60 worth game until the price has likely dropped to $40. My other gripe is the menu's, just plays like a clunky console port on pc unfortunately. Too much work for separate interfaces I guess? Would have made the pc port much better though. I call it that as I think it was designed with them in mind first.

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Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy, Bethesda is releasing two updates to actually get Fallout 76 to work like it was supposed to on launch day!, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! *sarcasm*

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400 to just 600? It need to be 800 at least to be called decent! Bethesda is a mess.

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Yup, it seems they STILL haven't fixed the item stashing issues with this already very old game engine. I don't give a shit about devs using old engines, as it means they aren't having to start from scratch over and over. But instead are able to build and improve upon and add to said engine, especially when using it for the same series/type of content or games,.. (see GTA:III->-GTA:VC->-GTA:SA and then the jump to the new engine with GTAIV) as well as fix the larger problems with it, as time goes on. (not to mention the value of having advanced dev tools that come along with using something a good long while, across multiple games) But that only applies if they are actually fixing and improving it though! As we've seen, that isn't the case with them. Same game engine bugs/problems/issues/instabilities with every single use of the engine! Even what they fix comes right back again next game.. Almost like they totally forget about all the previous fundamental engine based fixes, optimizations and workarounds with every release.

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Game is fun, but different. If you play Fallout for the RPG elements, then this will not fulfill your desire for a new Fallout. However, if you enjoy the unique Fallout version of the places they create and exploring the waste, it's a lot of fun. It's got it's problems, but Bethesda are actively fixing them.

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Heed my warning, youngsters -- this game is bad. Don't waste your money on it like I did. No amount of patching can fix this mess. And, this is from someone who enjoyed dullness of No Man's Sky when it launched...

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Lol, so you still have paid coverage to do despite the game being an utter train wreck?

Oh Eddie...sigh

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It's even worse than it seems.. See this article! (same content, same day, same time, same editor)