Fallout 76 Update To Let You Carry More, Join The Pioneer Scouts

You can now join the Pioneer Scouts.


Bethesda continues to announce and release patches for Fallout 76, and today is no different. The Maryland-based company has announced that the online, open-world shooter will get yet another update next month. Patch 9, scheduled to drop on May 7, will introduce a new faction and increase item carry weight.

The patch is titled Ever Upwards, a mantra of Appalachia's Pioneer Scouts. The Pioneer Scouts have seen their numbers--both in terms of new recruits and veteran members--dwindle due to the Great War's effects. As such, anyone and everyone willing to help their cause can join. To become a Pioneer Scout, players should check out train stations.

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Those who join the Pioneer Scouts can complete challenges--such as archery, cooking, swimming, and more--to earn badges. These badges can be exchanged at Pioneer Scout vending machines for C.A.M.P. items and various other loot. The reward for players who reach Possum rank is tougher badges and their first backpack.

Backpacks make their first appearance with the Ever Upwards patch. Bethesda doesn't specify how much the backpack will increase carry weight. However, they can be outfitted with a number of craftable mods, such as increasing carry capacity, damage resistance, a refrigeration unit, and more. Check out the image below for a sampling of backpack designs.

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In conjunction with these additions, double experience in Fallout 76 is happening all weekend. Double XP, available in both Adventure and Survival modes, kicked off Thursday, April 25 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT and will end on Monday, April 29 at 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT.

Bethesda recently released Patch 8.5. The patch--approximately 2GB on console and a little under 1GB on PC--adds the controversial repair kits and a new photo mode.

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