Fallout 76 The Pitt Expansion Gets New Trailer Ahead Of September Release

The Pitt expansion will take players to a returning location from the Fallout franchise.


Fallout 76 continues trucking along further into the post-apocalypse, and Bethesda showed off the new The Pitt expansion during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

Fallout 76's The Pitt expansion will take players beyond Appalachia, the West Virginia setting the game has taken place in thus far.

In the Pitt, players will be caught between Pittsburgh's remaining warring factions, the Union and the Fanatics. The trailer for the expansion shows off the titular setting and its many caverns where players will be facing all kinds of familiar enemies. The Pitt expansion will be arriving in September alongside Fallout 76's 10th season.

Expeditions are a new game mode that is coming to Fallout 76 with The Pitt expansion. Expeditions are meant to be replayable missions that get players outside of the game's main setting and into the larger post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

The Pitt is a location we've seen from the Fallout franchise in the past, functioning as the setting for the Fallout 3 DLC of the same name. It's in the remains of Pittsburgh, a wonderful city of which we're hoping the northern suburbs are spared from nuclear destruction.

Fallout 76's The Pitt expansion is coming in September to consoles and PC.

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