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Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Expansion Has Arrived, Check Out The Patch Notes

The first-ever map expansion for Fallout 76 is now live; here's everything that's new in the latest patch.


Fallout 76's first-ever map expansion, Skyline Valley, has arrived, bringing a hefty 40GB patch stuffed with new content and bug fixes. The update brings a new area to explore, accompanied by a brand-new questline, as well as unique new enemies and a major boss.

Skyline Valley is Fallout 76's first new region since the game released over five years ago, based on the real-world Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. In Fallout 76, the region is covered by an ever-present storm, which players are tasked with finding the origin of.

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The new quest will involve finding a new vault, Vault 63, and uncovering its story. The questline will introduce a new type of electrically charged ghoul, who are collectively known as the Lost, as well as a massive, powerful boss that Wastelanders will have to come together to defeat.

A new Public Event will also be taking place in the new area, where players will be tasked with protecting storm-chasers as they try to snap the best photo of Skyline Valley's dramatic storms.

As well as the new content, Update will include a number of bug fixes and improvements on existing Fallout 76 content. You can check out the full patch notes below.

The Fallout games have seen a surge in popularity in recent months after the release of Prime Video's Fallout TV show. Fallout 76 recently hit a new all-time concurrent player record on Steam, while Bethesda revealed that the game had over one million players on at once across all platforms after the TV show released.

While Bethesda has confirmed that new Fallout games are on the horizon, it still appears to have plenty planned for Fallout 76, recently revealing that an update that will let players become a ghoul will arrive in 2025.

Update Version

Check the download sizes below for today’s update on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 27.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 40.3 GB
  • Xbox: 40.2 GB
  • PlayStation: 40.03 GB

Skyline Valley

Welcome to Skyline Valley! Our first map expansion of the Appalachian region. A mysterious location that is covered by a storm unlike any that have been seen before. There are new locations to discover, characters to meet, secrets to unveil, as well as more locations to build your C.A.M.P.S!

An Unlikely Invitation

After finding the true location of Vault 63 you’ll work with its leaders to unravel the mystery behind the Storm and The Lost. Throughout this questline you’ll discover the mystery behind the Lost, meet new characters, and make gut-wrenching choices about the fate the residents of Vault 63.

Dangerous Pastimes

This wicked storm raging above Skyline Valley isn’t going to keep these thrill-seekers away in the new Public Event! Help a group of settlers/tourists capture the best pictures of the Storm by protecting them from nearby Lost and electrically charged creatures. They’re joy stealers, make sure they don’t crash the party.

Neurological Warfare

While exploring Skyline Valley, you may get the inclination to nuke the region. These actions are not necessarily encouraged, but they’re not discouraged either. Guess you’ll just have to find out what happens.

Combat Rebalance Work

We are beginning a series of combat updates that are aimed to improve your experience. We’re starting this process with today’s update by making some changes to Creatures and Weapons. Our goal is for these changes to have positive effects on combat throughout the entire game.

To help set expectations, we expect these changes to take effect in a variety of different places (Weapons, Creatures, etc.) across multiple patches. Giving you all a lot of time to provide feedback on the adjustments being made to ensure we’re moving in a positive direction.

Season 17 – Pioneer Scouts

The sun is out and it’s time to head on over to Summer Camp. There’s much to learn and do at the Pioneer Scouts sleepaway camp!

Fixes & Improvements


  • Muni Operator Outfit Now Looks the Same When Previewed & When Worn


  • Workshop: Enlightened Mothman Lantern should no longer display the premium icon and can be repaired individually when destroyed
  • Workshop: Fluttering Moth no longer takes up CAMP Light budget
  • The Sacred Mothman Tome camp item now has candle flames
  • Nuka world radio will now correctly sync across clients


  • Power Armor: Fixing a state players could get in where they could no longer craft Union Power Armor when they should have been able to
  • Power Armor: Union Power Armor will no longer drop as loot from enemies but can be rolled from The Purveyor if the recipe or entitlement is known by the player

Dev Note: With this fix Union Power Armor is now craftable for players who have bought and learned the recipe from Giuseppe or by players who earned the Union Power Armor entitlements in Season 10.

If you do not have the plan for Union Power Armor, it can be purchased from Giuseppe who is upstairs with Bubbles at the Refuge. Once learned, they will no longer be able to be obtained.

Additionally, Union Power Armor pieces will not drop as loot even if you can craft the Power Armor pieces, but they can be found via the random Power Amor Purchases from Murmrgh at The Rusty Pick. Players should only see Union Power Armor Pieces that they know how to craft drop from Purveyor's Mystery Picks. Pieces that they have yet to learn will not drop

Union Power Armor pieces will still have the Atomic Symbol on them and cannot be traded or dropped by players once they have been obtained.

  • Workshop: Player who had learned to build the Atlantic City Poker and Blackjack tables but lost access to them should now be able to build them again
  • Test Your Metal: Robot Beer Stein Display Case will now properly drop from the Test Your Metal Event
  • Moonshine Jamboree Improved an issue which could block enemy pathing during the event
  • Fasnacht: Masks of all tiers will correctly drop upon event completion
  • Fasnacht: Improved spawn rates of Honeybeasts
  • Fasnacht: Added a Donation Basket near the event! Share your repeat masks with other players
  • Fasnacht: Marchers now start walking to the parade start immediately when their task is completed, without needing to wait for their dialogue line to be finished
  • Fasnacht: Increased the walk speed of the Marchers
  • Fasnacht: Will now randomly pick between 5 possible end boss encounters
  • Yao Guai Pastry: Now counts as a cooked meal for the "Eat a Cooked Meal" challenge
  • Applying the Reflex Sight to the Enclave Pistol with a Flamer Barrel attachment now shows the Decrease in AP Consumption in the STATS Menu
  • Hot Rod On Blocks & Overgrown Vehicle no longer spawn damaging nuke explosions when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to get stuck while turning the spit in Meat Week
  • Fixed an issue with the Damage Reduction effect on the Endangerol Barrel that allowed it to stack multiple times on a target
  • Nuka Shank now requires glass & cloth to be crafted rather than oil
  • Updated mods for the Gauss shotgun, Gauss minigun and Gauss pistol to correctly require Science based perks to be applied
  • Updated the default barrel mod for the gauss rifle
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Fusion cores to appear empty when place in Power Armor
  • Players can now trade the Herdsman's Bell and Herdsman's Bell Rack to other players
  • Paddle Ball now displays the correct ammo type when inspected


  • Increased the base damage of the Alien Blaster and Cryolator
  • Fixed an issue with how damage was calculated for the following weapons/mods: Auto Axe, Chainsaw, Minigun Shredder mod
  • Increased base damage for the Auto Axe
  • Adjustments to Electric/Electrified, Burning, and Poisoned mods for the following weapons: Auto Axe, Mr Handy Buzz Blade, Chinese Officer Sword, Shepherds Crook, Sheepsquatch Staff, Sheepsquatch Club, Hatchet, Assaultron Blade, Revolutionary Sword, Baton, and Vault 63 Shock Baton.

Dev Note: These weapon mods now evenly split their damage between Physical and Energy/Fire/Poison, and damage has been adjusted to account for damage being split between multiple damage types.

The Cattle Prod has also received a similar change - its damage has been adjusted and is evenly split between Physical and Energy damage. These adjustments generally represent an increase in damage dealt.

We have also improved how we calculate the falloff for weapon damage at range. We expect this to smooth out the falloff damage for weapons that historically lost most of their damage right away. All ranged weapons benefit from this, but it should be most visible with Shotguns and Pipe Guns, as well as when fighting larger creatures such as Deathclaws.


  • Fixed Various Typos
  • Fixed Some Dialogue


  • Honor Bound Fixed an issue where Vin could become hostile to the player
  • One Violent Night: Fixed an issue where the Nightstalker's VFX would be applied to players multiple times, creating an extremely intense effect
  • "Bots on Parade" and "A Real Blast" Fixed an issue that caused the objective to complete before the correct number of hostiles were defeated.
  • "Distant Thunder" Increased the objective radius to more accurately reflect the area in which Scorched can appear
  • Hell's Eagles Fixed an issue that would allow players to start the quest again after completion. We also removed the second broken quest from players in this situation
  • Regent of the Dead: Jordy no longer continuously starts dialogue with the player if the player exits dialogue with her before resolving the confrontation.
  • The quest Miner Miracles now starts correctly when interacting with the Garrahan Excavator Poster


  • Items now display how much they will weigh when being placed in a character's stash
  • Score notification will no longer remain visible on ultra-wide monitors
  • Fixed an issue which would cause "You have joined a team" to remain visible on some super wide monitors
  • Added Height indicators for quest targets and NPCs to the Power Armor UI


  • Raider NPCs from the Coop will no longer spawn as legendary
  • The following creatures have received balance changes: Angler, Cave Cricket, Floaters, Gulper, Mutant Hound, Protectron


  • Fixed some dialog inconsistencies
  • Broken ProSnap Deluxe cameras will no longer appear in vendor inventories.
  • Fixed some directional prompts for Tax Evasion
  • Fixed an issue which could cause audio to cut out on some expeditions.
  • Green Thumb, Backwoodsman 4 and Verdant Season should now work on a broader selection of plants
  • Fixed an issue which would cause players to crash if they logged out during character generation
  • Fixed some cases where turret-mounted laser weapons weren't triggering the Electric Absorption perk
  • Updated “Complete Any Expedition” and “Complete Any Atlantic City Expedition” challenges to include the new Atlantic City mission from the America’s Playground update

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