Fallout 76 Live-Action Trailer Features A Mega-Sloth And More

Enter the wasteland.

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Now Playing: Fallout 76 - Official Live Action Trailer

Bethesda has released a snazzy new live-action trailer for Fallout 76. Set to the classic Beach Boys song "Wouldn't It Be Nice," the 60-second spot features a lot of fantastic visuals, beginning with a mega-sloth and getting wilder and more over-the-top from there.

The trailer shows a diverse cast of characters coming together, and that's meant to highlight how for the first time in the franchise, Fallout 76 is focusing on online multiplayer. Although it can work as a single-player Fallout experience, it's nonetheless an online game. Watch the video above.

Bethesda has a history of releasing impressive live-action trailers for its games. The developer also released a nice-looking live-action trailer for 2015's Fallout 4.

Fallout 76 launches on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is not coming to Nintendo Switch because it "wasn't doable," but Bethesda still loves the platform and is considering other games for the console.

The Fallout 76 beta is ongoing in short bursts, with these tests set to soon expand from Xbox One to PS4 and PC. The beta will continue to be available to those who pre-order for periods ranging from 2-8 hours until the full version's release date. If you're participating, you'll be able to carry over your progress.

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