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Fallout 76 - How To Start The Vault 63 Quest In Skyline Valley

The newest questline in Fallout 76 takes you to the real location of Vault 63, but there are some requirements to hit before you can begin.


Skyline Valley is at the center of the 17th season in Fallout 76. It features a new map region to explore, fresh cosmetics, weapons, gear, and more. However, what players will spend most of their time doing in Skyline Valley is completing the Vault 63 quest.

Vault 63 was previously locked in Fallout 76 until the Skyline Valley update came along. Now, players can complete a questline to find out the location of the vault and meet the residents inside. Below, you can see exactly how to start the Vault 63 questline in Fallout 76.

Beginning the Vault 63 Questline in Fallout 76

Skyline Valley is unlike any other region in Appalachia.
Skyline Valley is unlike any other region in Appalachia.

First and foremost, there is one primary requirement you need to meet before you're even able to begin the questline associated with Skyline Valley. You need to be level 25 before you can receive the quest that leads to Vault 63 in Fallout 76. If you don't meet the level threshold, then you won't be able to accept or complete the Vault 63 questline. For those of you who are under level 25, I suggest playing through the main story, completing side quests, and participating in Public Events to gain XP rapidly.

Now, if you are level 25 or above, all you have to do is check the Data section of your Pip-Boy. Here, you should see a new quest called "An Unlikely Invitation," which is the first mission in the Vault 63 questline. The quest automatically appears for all players above level 25 after downloading the Skyline Valley update in Fallout 76. If you view the steps for An Unlikely Invitation, you'll see that you have to listen to the Vault-Tec Radio Broadcast to get your next task.

You can head over to the Radio tab in your Pip-Boy and select the Vault-Tec Broadcast from the list of available options. Listen to the speaker on the radio and then make sure An Unlikely Invitation is tracked from the Data tab. Once you start tracking the quest and have listened to the broadcast, you'll get a new quest marker on your map. This officially marks the start of the Vault 63 questline in Fallout 76.

The quest takes you to locations all over the map to start but then begins to hone in on Skyline Valley. After an hour or two, you'll reach the true entrance to Vault 63 and start to uncover the mystery behind Skyline Valley and the Lost enemies that populate the region. The questline takes roughly 15-20 hours to complete depending on how much time you take finishing all the quests. There are 12 total quests to complete, with "The Calm Before" quest taking place after you complete An Unlikely Invitation.

You can also check out everything the Skyline Valley update introduced to Fallout 76 in our previous guide.

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