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Fallout 76 Finally Lets You Become A Ghoul In 2025

Players have been asking for this for a long time.


As part of the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft and Bethesda announced that a future update to Fallout 76 will introduce a playable Ghoul class. Players have been quite vocal over the years about their desire to play as a Ghoul, and now it's finally happening--in 2025.

Bethesda is adding the playable Ghoul class in 2025 not long after Prime Video's Fallout TV show introduced the world to Walton Goggins' character, The Ghoul, who became a fan-favorite. The show is coming back for a second season.

"As a Ghoul, you have that natural resistance to radiation. In fact, you even benefit from radiation in a lot of different ways," Bethesda told GameSpot in an interview. "So that on its own will open up a number of different play styles. So if I benefit from radiation and a lot of players wear power armor to stave off radiation, as a Ghoul, I want to absorb it."

Playing as a Ghoul opens up "a lot of opportunities" for players because they instantly have an allotment of perk points normally spent on power armor that can be applied elsewhere.

The Fallout 76 world will react differently to those who choose to play as a Ghoul, but Bethesda is saving the details for later. "It's definitely a feature of the world now that we'll be taking into account for future content releases as well," the developer said.

Thanks in part to the huge success of Prime Video's Fallout TV series, Fallout 76 has climbed to 20 million players and no doubt that figure may climb higher still with the debut of the next expansion, Skyline Valley, which releases on June 12. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

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