Fallout 76 Delays Some PTS Features For Update 20, Lets You Trade Legendary Scrips This Weekend

Fallout 76 Update 20 won't feature everything PTS players have seen so far, but there's reason to jump on this weekend.


Fallout 76 players who have access to the PTS on PC have been testing Update 20, and after looking over feedback Bethesda will hold back some of the features these players have had access to. When Update 20 hits, Bethesda has announced, the A Colossal Problem event quest won't come with it--that'll be added in a later update.

A Colossal Problem, which is designed for a team of 8 and opens with players dropping a nuke on Monongah mine, needs additional testing, Bethesda says, despite receiving "mostly positive" feedback from players.

Legendary Perks are also being held back. "We’ve decided to shift this feature so that we have more time to review the current Legendary Perk system, make changes, perform testing, and ask you for additional feedback in a future iteration of the PTS," Bethesda writes. The plan is to allow players to "swap Legendary Perks in and out at any time in exchange for a few Perk Coins," and introduce a few other tweaks and changes.

The Public Teams system tested on the PTS is making the cut with Update 20, and it'll make it easier to group up with players. Season 1 of 76 Seasons will also debut alongside the patch, although the specifics of what this entails will be revealed later. Seasons will be free, and will introduce a new progression system.

Players who log in this weekend can claim some high-tier gear. A Mystery Pick event is live now, and will run until Monday, June 15 at 12PM ET (9AM PT). Players who have held onto their Legendary Scrips (earned during the Fasnacht Day event) will be able to spend them on at Purveyor Murmrgh's shop, which can be found in the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap. Spending 60 Scrips will grant you a random 3-star legendary piece of armor or weapon.

Fallout 76 was recently the center of some controversy in Australia, as retailer EB Games was forced to offer buyers refunds due to the game's broken launch state.

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