Fallout 76 April Update Bringing CAMP And SPECIALS Loadouts

A new video details some new features coming to Fallout 76 in late April, which will let you swap your custom home territory or even your character's stats quickly.


Fallout 76's April update will introduce a few big changes to the online game, letting players swap out their CAMP and SPECIALs quickly, and for free. The update is coming April 27 and adds a lot more options for players, with low friction to try new things. Bethesda detailed these additions in the latest Inside the Vault, along with some other features about to go through the test server.

First, the new CAMP slots feature will let you save multiple configurations of your homestead. Your CAMP is a big part of Fallout 76, letting you create a customized house with all your decorations and equipment. The CAMP slots feature will let you build multiple versions of your home, in case you want to swap out different decor, or have one that's just the essentials and another that's more lavish with lots of homey elements. You can only have one CAMP deployed at a time, but there will be no cost to switch between your slots. A video showing the feature in action made it look pretty fast and easy.

Similarly, the April update will introduce SPECIAL loadouts. Just like the CAMP slots let you swap your base on the fly, these loadouts will let you change your entire character's stat makeup quickly, and for free. The loadouts will be managed by punch card machines located both at your CAMP and train stations, so you can switch from being a burly brawler to a perceptive genius as the situation demands.

In the meantime, the Public Test Server (PTS) has returned to the PC version of the game, so you can dive in and try out new features like the CAMP slots and SPECIAL loadouts before they become available in the live version of the game. Bethesda is also giving away a PTS-themed Pennant you can hang in your CAMP as a bonus for those who play in the PTS at least one hour per day on three different days.

This comes just after Microsoft officially finalized its deal to acquire Bethesda and its many studios. Microsoft has confirmed that future Bethesda games will be exclusive to platforms that support Xbox Game Pass, but has not shared more details. The companies promised more news to come this summer. For now, though, a massive glut of Bethesda games have become available on Xbox Game Pass, including Fallout 76.

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