Fallout 4's Next DLC Release Date Announced, New Trailer Released

Wasteland Workshop arrives on April 12.

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Fallout 4's second expansion, Wasteland Workshop, is coming out soon. Bethesda has announced it will arrive on April 12 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, priced at $5.

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As detailed previously, Wasteland Workshop allows players to build on their settlements with new elements such as cages they can use to capture creatures. You can choose to tame these beasts--everything from raiders to Deathclaws--or have them do battle against each other or your enemies.

Wasteland Workshop also adds a "suite of new design options" for settlements, including nixie tube lighting, letter kits, and taxidermy, among other things. You can see some of this content in the new trailer above.

Fallout 4's first expansion was Automatron, which arrived in March. Following Wasteland Workshop will be Far Harbor ($25), which comes out in May. It is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Bar Harbor, Maine, and represents the largest landmass Bethesda has ever created for add-on content.

All three expansions are included with the $50 Fallout 4 Season Pass. Bethesda has also told fans to "stay tuned" for more add-ons coming this year, one of which is the Creation Kit for PC. This free toolsuite will allow players to create even more mods, some of which will be playable on console.

April 12 is shaping up to be a busy day for gaming. In addition to Wasteland Workshop, that's the date when major updates arrive for Destiny and The Division; it's also the launch date for Dark Souls III (in the west) and Ratchet & Clank.

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