Fallout 4's New Xbox One/PS4 Patch Has It Looking Better Than Ever

And it isn't sacrificing performance to make it happen.


The recent 1.03 patch for Fallout 4's console versions brought with it a number of bug fixes and some visual improvements. While Bethesda didn't talk up the latter point on consoles much, a new technical analysis reveals some marked upgrades.

Over on Eurogamer, Digital Foundry has examined the game following the release of the patch and discovered "surprising improvements to draw distance settings for geometry and foliage." What's most surprising, perhaps, is the fact that there's little-to-no impact on performance; frame rates are deemed to be on par with where they were prior to the patch. The PS4 version is said to experience a 2-3 FPS drop when overlooking Diamond City, but this is the only area where any new problems were found on either console.

"Given frame-rates are broadly unchanged, this is a win-win situation on console overall," Digital Foundry says. "It's all gain on the visual front, especially in broad views of Lexington where we now see cars, bollards, and extra terrain rendered in from the rooftops."

On the PC side, we already knew the game was looking better, provided you have the necessary hardware. The 1.03 update added a new HBAO+ setting, as well as weapon debris effects with PhysX.

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