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Fallout 4's New Vegas Mod Looks Impressive In New Video

Take a look at this exciting project.


Much like Obsidian's Star Wars game, Knights of the Old Republic II, the developer's entry in the Fallout series, New Vegas, is particularly beloved by fans of the franchise. While there's been no indication Obsidian will get to take another swing at Fallout, a group of modders are working to bring New Vegas into the more modern confines of Fallout 4.

To celebrate the new year, the team behind the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod recently released a new video (via PC Gamer) showcasing some of their work so far. As you can see below, we get a look at some perks from New Vegas as the player enters the perimeter of Goodsprings, the town where players start out in the old game. We also get to see some combat against a poor settler who was simply minding their business, which in turn shows off the returning Karma system. All of this happens while music from Radio New Vegas plays from the Pip-Boy.

While this video only offers a glimpse, the mod's goal is not just to bring elements of New Vegas into Fallout 4, but to port the entirety of it into Fallout 4's Creation Engine. Unfortunately, there's not yet a date for when we'll see it, although you can follow along with its development on the mod's official Facebook page.

We don't know if Fallout rights holder Bethesda will ultimately object to the mod on legal grounds, as the company has not commented on the matter. Obsidian, meanwhile, seems enthused about the whole thing, posting a gif on Twitter of WWE's Daniel Bryan leading the crowd in a "Yes!" chant with the message, "That F4NV mod, though..."

As for where the series is officially headed next, Bethesda has made no announcements, though it does have multiple projects in the works. Fallout 4 VR debuted just recently; you can read all about it in our feature on whether it's worth replaying Fallout 4 in VR.

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