Fallout 4's 58GB High-Resolution Texture Pack Is Out Now On PC

Fallout 4 looks better than ever...if your computer can handle it.


Fallout 4

Fallout 4's high-resolution PC texture pack has landed on Steam. You can grab it right here (via NeoGAF). As announced previously, the texture pack is meaty, requiring 58 GB of hard drive space.

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Here is the texture pack's official description: "Experience the wasteland like you've never seen it before with the Fallout 4 High-Resolution Texture Pack! From the blasted buildings of Lexington to the shores of Boston Harbor and beyond, every location is enhanced with ultra-deluxe detail."

If you install the pack and decide you want to revert to the original textures, you can do that from Fallout 4's menu.

In other Fallout 4 news, Bethesda will release a patch soon for the PlayStation 4 version that adds support for the PlayStation 4 Pro--here's a rundown of how the game will look better.

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