Fallout 4 Xbox One File Size Revealed

It's smaller than you might have imagined.


The Fallout 4 Xbox One product page has been updated, revealing the role-playing game's file size on Microsoft's console: 28.12 GB. As people are saying, that seems fairly trim for such a large- and ambitious-sounding game. But compression is likely keeping the overall file size down.

Bethesda Game Studios' last title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was just 3.68 GB on Xbox 360. Fallout: New Vegas, meanwhile, was 4.75 GB, while Fallout 3 weighed in at 5.48 GB.

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File size details for the PlayStation 4 and PC editions of Fallout 4 are not yet available. We have followed up with Bethesda in an attempt to confirm details about Fallout 4's file size.

The Fallout 4 release date is set for November 10 across all platforms.

Recently, Bethesda announced post-launch content release plans for the game, which include regular free updates, paid DLC, mods, and more. In addition, you can watch Fallout 4 composer Inon Zur play the game's theme music in this stunning video. On top of that, Bethesda has shared new details about Fallout 4's revamped perk system.

Via: ICXM.Net

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Avatar image for alex_zander

I'm still waiting for better graphics in order to play this crappy title. It seems like they didn't even work on Fallout 4. So many fans out there supporting this crap for the gameplay. What a waste.

Avatar image for Elena_The_Turk

I'm not surprised at the jump in file size, I mean it IS a NEXT GEN console!!

Avatar image for TexasStuBaby

Wow. What a difference time makes!

Avatar image for deactivated-5a44ec138c1e6


What a guy.

Avatar image for Daveof89

This is definitely an Eddie article... Everything after the first paragraph is just filler.

Avatar image for Soundaholic92

That's without the high res texture pack they'll only release later, which of course will be made irrelevant by texture replacement mods.

Avatar image for rush86

Lol 28 gigs seems trim? Look how massive skyrim, both fallouts were. And this is more than double the size.

Avatar image for Nymphonomicon

@rush86: Leave it to games journalists to pat devs on the back for doing a worse job.

Avatar image for cynical_howard

Side Quest to earn Preston Garvey as your follower.

"After you defeat the Deathclaw, a scripted event occurs where the dying Deathclaw makes one last (unavoidable) desperate attack on the player, heavily damaging the Power Armor and rendering it useless"

"After the Power Armor is nearly destroyed by the Deathclaw, the player will then collect the pieces of the armor and rebuild it, thus starting the Power Armor crafting tutorial. Since the armor was in shambles and you're putting it back together, this would justify why the starting Power Armor is very weak and would need to be further upgraded throughout the game"

(The armor they showed in the E3 Showcase video was the newest model, the T-60. Of course they would want to show off the the brand new Fallout 4 Power Armor in the big reveal trailer. As you said, it is more likely the armor we get first will be something crappy, like the T-45 from Fallout 3)

At the end of side quest, Preston Garvey know the fact that his group has been decimated and close to being completely wiped out. Preston decides that he no longer is fit to lead, but offers his services as a companion in thanks for saving the surviving members of the minutemen

Avatar image for alchemy60

@cynical_howard: you start out with power armor? so there's no need for PA training then? Weird.

Avatar image for cynical_howard

@alchemy60: if you chose to be male, you don't need PA training.

Avatar image for Fade2black001

I can't believe someone actually used file compression. Devs have gotten lazy and stopped doing this because of the discs being able to hold 50GB. Bethesda shown not be lazy here.. Everyone should follow in their example here.

Avatar image for ughz

What is this nonsense about FO3 being 5 gb? On console? My GOTY install is 10g without mods.

Avatar image for Daveof89

@ughz: Okayy... and you have 5gb of dlc. What's the confusion here?

Avatar image for rush86

@ughz: dude you counting all the dlc and add ons?

Avatar image for ughz

@rush86: Yes.

Avatar image for KingofgamersX

I would have been surprised if it was more then that because Fallout3 5 gig and Skyrim near 4 gig then a jump to 28 gig is a lot the picture that im getting in my head is that this is gonna be the longest game yet

Avatar image for Daveof89

@KingofgamersX: Don't get TOO excited... it's fairly standard for games to be that size for pc/xbone/ps4 nowadays. It's not really an indication of length.

Avatar image for kutulu1

Understandable considering the graphics look less than spectacular. Looking forward to this game regardless. On PS4.

Avatar image for deactivated-5897603b5d106

@kutulu1: I don't see a problem with the graphics tbh. I don't think many realise how bad F3's graphics actually were. If you stood still and looked around. You could see that they were really bad.

Avatar image for Arda_Daghan212

Hah, pre-modded :) My Skyrim "weighs-in" at 90gigs and those are all immersive mods and texture improving mods. Not much for some of the mods that are just shenanigans. Fallout 4 will probably be getting some mods installed on it too (about 99% sure that I will mod it). And yeah, will be on PC, some of those mods that I'm planning on getting on F4 would probably slow the console versions down.

Avatar image for starjay009

@Arda_Daghan212: I think FO4 will be good enough without any mods. The game looks lovely !

Avatar image for TohouAsura

@starjay009: I bet you thought Skyrim was also decent without any mods.

Bethesda games since Morrowind were consistently watered down, bland, and empty. Mods keep fixing the one thing they just can't seem to do correctly: Gameplay. From Combat to questing to RPG mechanics, it's been getting consistently worse every time.

Mods make this game worth it's pricetag.

Avatar image for Arda_Daghan212

@starjay009: Well it'll definitely be awesome without mods, but mods will add to it nevertheless, I think.

Avatar image for epobirs

That's downright petite compared to some others out there. Call of Duty: Ghosts is nearly 40 GB and NBA 2K14 is a huge 43+ GB.

I don't know if I'd thank compression so much as time invested in creating a versatile toolbox that let them build a wide variety of stuff instead of frequently requiring unique art assets. If you can quickly generate wrecked houses in a suburb rather than have each one be specially created, then only those the player will interact with need much info.

Avatar image for playedbygames

I hate people.

Avatar image for cynical_howard

@playedbygames: why?

Avatar image for Inlex

"here's how much BlA BlA BlA"

just state the fucking number in the headline. stop clickbaiting. gamespot is really fucking up royally.

Eddie: you suck. become a real journalist or **** off.

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@Inlex: errrr a "real journalist" wouldn't put the size in the title either because no one would read the article then....

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@normanislost: ^ What he said. Inlex you need to work on them logic skills matey.