Fallout 4 Xbox One File Size Revealed

It's smaller than you might have imagined.


The Fallout 4 Xbox One product page has been updated, revealing the role-playing game's file size on Microsoft's console: 28.12 GB. As people are saying, that seems fairly trim for such a large- and ambitious-sounding game. But compression is likely keeping the overall file size down.

Bethesda Game Studios' last title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was just 3.68 GB on Xbox 360. Fallout: New Vegas, meanwhile, was 4.75 GB, while Fallout 3 weighed in at 5.48 GB.

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File size details for the PlayStation 4 and PC editions of Fallout 4 are not yet available. We have followed up with Bethesda in an attempt to confirm details about Fallout 4's file size.

The Fallout 4 release date is set for November 10 across all platforms.

Recently, Bethesda announced post-launch content release plans for the game, which include regular free updates, paid DLC, mods, and more. In addition, you can watch Fallout 4 composer Inon Zur play the game's theme music in this stunning video. On top of that, Bethesda has shared new details about Fallout 4's revamped perk system.

Via: ICXM.Net

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