Fallout 4 Video Shows Battle Between 1,000 Deathclaws and 100 Robots



This video may contain some Fallout 4 spoilers.

YouTube's EzPlays has published the next "Fallout 4 Fights" video and, like the others before it, it's great. This one shows off an epic battle between 1,000 Deathclaw creatures and 100 Liberty Prime robots.

See for yourself how it all goes down in the video below (via Kotaku).

Head to EzPlays' YouTube playlist here to see lots of other Fallout 4 Fights videos, including one that pits 500 Minutemen against 5 Annihilator Sentry Bots.

This isn't the first mass-scale Fallout 4 battle video we've seen. Back in November, YouTube's Tyrannicon supplied a video of 50 Synths and 50 Raiders mercilessly gunning each other down in the open-world role-playing game. Check it out here.

In other recent news about Fallout 4, the game was one of Amazon's top-selling titles this holiday. It was also a top-performer on Steam during 2015, reportedly outsold only by Grand Theft Auto V.

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