Fallout 4 teaser website is a hoax

Website claiming to be related to Bethesda's RPG series revealed to be a phony.

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As it turns out, the Fallout 4 teaser website "TheSurvivor2299.com" is in fact a hoax, a recent update to the site reveals. What's more, Bethesda said on Twitter, "It's not an official site." A new Fallout game may be in the works, but if it is, it's not tied to that website.

Don't expect news about the Fallout franchise anytime soon, either, as Bethesda has confirmed it won't announce or show anything tonight during the 2013 VGX awards.

The Fallout 4 teaser website originally went live in the middle of November, featuring a countdown clock ending on December 11. The website appeared to be registered to Bethesda parent company Zenimax Media, though it turns out that this was not the case.

The rumored Fallout 4 is believed to be set in Boston, Mass., though is is far from confirmed. The most recent Fallout title was 2010's Fallout: New Vegas, which was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and set in a postapocalyptic Las Vegas.

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