Fallout 4 Survival Mode Gets New Feature, More Changes in Update

RPG's ultra-difficult mode continues to be tweaked ahead of launch.


Bethesda has released an update to Fallout 4's Survival Mode, which is currently in beta on PC. This update, 1.5.146, adds one new feature (thirst, hunger, sleep, and diseases icons now change color based on status), while there are also lots of fixes and changes included with the patch.

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With the update, the sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days, while there is a reduced chance of getting a disease and you need to consume less food and drink to maintain proper sustenance. On the other hand, making things potentially more difficult, Fusion cores now weigh more, while your carry capacity has also been lowered.

You can see the update notes below, as posted by Bethesda in the game's forums.

Fallout 4's Survival Mode, which makes the game more challenging in a number of ways, launched in beta on PC at the end of March (find out how to get in here). There is no word yet on when the final, non-beta version will be available, while it's scheduled to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in April.

For more on the ways in which Survival Mode changes the Fallout 4 experience, check out the video above.

Fallout 4 1.5.146 Survival Steam Beta Update

New Survival Features

  • Thirst, hunger, sleep, and disease icons will change color based on status

Survival Fixes

  • Less food and drink are required to maintain proper sustenance
  • Carry capacity lowered
  • Sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days
  • Reduced chances to getting a disease
  • Fusion cores weigh more
  • Nuka Cola Quantums no longer cancel out caffeine effect from Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Cherry
  • Fixed occasional issue with becoming parched or peckish when thirst or hunger are actually satisfied
  • Fixed issue where Adrenaline effect would incorrectly persist after changing difficulty level
  • When companion is down, a quest target will appear on them
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