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Fallout 4 Speak Of The Devil: How To Get X-02 Power Armor

One of the new sets of Power Armor in Fallout 4 is the X-02, and you need to complete a specific quest to obtain it.


One of the several new side quests to take on in Fallout 4 with the next-gen update is called "Speak of the Devil." This quest has you following after a man's journey to find a mysterious character called The Devil, who supposedly swoops in to help those in need after a specific radio station is turned on. It so happens that The Devil is wearing a set of rare Power Armor, called X-02, and plenty of people are after it.

To ensure you get to the X-02 Power Armor first in Fallout 4, follow our guide below to complete the Speak of the Devil quest. For more on the new quests in Fallout 4, use our Echoes of the Past quest walkthrough.

Starting Speak of the Devil in Fallout 4

If you have a leveled-up character in Fallout 4, the Speak of the Devil quest should automatically be added to your quest log after downloading the next-gen update. However, if you're on a new save, then you have to wait until reaching a certain point in the story before you can begin Speak of the Devil or any of the other new quests.

Connie's note
Connie's note

Speak of the Devil begins at Wattz Electronics store, which is located in the middle of the map. Here, you can enter the front door and walk across the broken floor over to a small table with a radio on it. Pick up Connie's Note and play the Black Devil Vol 1. holotape that's lying on top of it. The holotape describes some of the backstory of The Devil, and how they save innocent people when someone tunes in to a specific radio station. Reading these items starts the Speak of the Devil quest.

Following Connie's journey

After reading the holotape and Connie's note, a new quest marker appears on your map that leads to Relay Tower 0MC-810. Be careful when approaching this location, as there are raiders and a Deathclaw waiting for you. Once the enemies have been dealt with, head into the red-gated area of the tower and read Richie's Note on the dead body in front of the terminal, and pick up the AM 810 holotape. Then, you need to access the terminal and extend the satellites.

Fallout 4 satellites during the Speak of the Devil quest
Fallout 4 satellites during the Speak of the Devil quest

Once the satellites are fully extended, head back into the terminal and insert the AM 810 holotape. With it inserted, tune the radio to play "Stars and Stripes Forever." This makes a new radio signal appear and a new quest marker on your map, leading to the BADTFL Regional Offices. This is located right near Wattz Electronics, so fast travel back there and head over to the quest marker.

Inside BADTFL, battle through the raiders until you reach the back interrogation room, where you find Connie's body sitting on a table. Loot Connie's body and read the note she left on the table, which reads "Check the Wall." You can also loot the FM 52.7 holotape on the table. This holotape is encrypted, so you'll need to find the password to it or hack in. This is done by playing the holotape on your Pip-Boy and then looking at the available options.

Interrogation room
Interrogation room

If you have a Hacker +3 stat, you can break in with no problem. However, if you don't, you need to guess the password from the generated list or find it. Connie's clue of "Check the Wall" does offer the password, but I can just tell you the right password too:

  • [e\_di@bl0*p7z+rk4CkzEsx\@iene

This password is near the top of the list and when you click on it, you'll gain access to the holotape's data. After unlocking the holotape, a new quest marker appears on your map at the Relay Tower OSC-527. Here, access the terminal, load the FM 52.7 holotape, and then transfer the "America the Beautiful" file onto the terminal. You'll hear the famous song play and get your final quest marker at the Boston Police Rationing Site.

Getting the X-02 Power Armor

At the Boston Police Rationing Site, you need to break into the building and go through the underground tunnel. The front door to the building is barred shut, but you can throw a grenade at the door to unlock it. You can also get on the roof with a Power Armor jump, but the explosive route is easier.

X-02 Power Armor is within your reach now.
X-02 Power Armor is within your reach now.

Go through the tunnel entrance and then keep heading forward until you see a radio in front of a locked door with a set of Power Armor behind it. Activate the radio to unlock the door, and you'll have access to the X-02 Power Armor. You can also read the terminal behind the Power Armor to learn about the true intentions of The Devil character.

It's here where you can make a choice: Short-circuit the radio transmission, effectively killing The Devil's character, or restore the Enclave Radio, making a new radio station available. If you end the transmission, you can unlock a nearby wall safe with some loot. Activating the radio station will lock that safe for good.

What decision will you make?
What decision will you make?

Regardless of your choice, after getting into the X-02 Power Armor, a Sgt. Hodges and other enemies show up. Kill them to complete the Speak of the Devil quest in Fallout 4.

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