Fallout 4 Sounds Blended Into Cool Song, Watch the Music Video Here

The song and music video may contain spoilers.


Fallout 4 has some very distinctive sounds, some that you'd recognize instantly upon hearing them. If you recognize a couple in the music video below, it's because every single sound used is from Bethesda's latest post-apocalyptic RPG. Before you watch the video, it's worth knowing that it may contain spoilers.

Bit Juice created "Wasteland Cocktail" and its music video. He noted in the video's description that it was made entirely with sounds from Fallout 4, using no additional instruments. We got the opportunity to talk to Bit Juice, and the musician says he's been playing music for ten years. He now creates "plunder-phonic game music," making songs that use only unaltered sounds from video games.

"This is kinda just a new idea that I felt connected with," he said. "I love making music and I love games, so it just clicked."

To create a song like this, Bit Juice played upwards of 200 hours in order to find the sounds he wanted.

"I did a lot of searching for sounds with the idea of finding something similar to instruments I'm used to," he explained. "Like a kick sound or a snare would be the melee hits, and the pip boy could play a little melody."

This is what we imagine would happen if Todd Howard heard the song.
This is what we imagine would happen if Todd Howard heard the song.

Wasteland Cocktail is currently Bit Juice's only video on YouTube, but he told us that he's looking forward to working on more songs based off of games like Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Portal 2. He also mentioned The Witness, Starcraft II, and Far Cry Primal as possible song inspirations.

"I want each one to feel like a part of the world the games take place in," Bit Juice said.

He's done a lot with music including touring and live shows, but he now says that he wants to give back to the gaming community.

"I've played in bands and toured for a long time, and now I really enjoy working on these from home with my wife," he explained. "I want to bring something new to the gaming community, music-wise, even if it's not these exact songs. I really just love to make music and videos."

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