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Fallout 4 Pyromaniac: How To Get The Hellfire Power Armor

The Hellfire Power Armor is one of the new sets available in the Commonwealth, so here's how to get it in Fallout 4.


A new quest that's been added to Fallout 4 with the next-generation update is called "Pyromaniac." While this quest has technically been in the game via a Creation Engine mod, it's now an official part of the RPG. The quest revolves around acquiring the Hellfire Power Armor set, which is extremely strong and belongs to a man named Pyro.

To get the Hellfire Power Armor, you must dispatch of Pyro to claim the set for yourself in Fallout 4. Below, you can find all of the details on completing the Pyromaniac quest.

Completing Pyromaniac in Fallout 4

If you have a leveled-up character in Fallout 4, the Pyromaniac quest should automatically be added to your quest log after downloading the next-gen update. However, if you're starting over from scratch with a new character, you'll have to advance to a specific point in the story before gaining access to the quest. That goes for all of the other new quests as well. This includes Echoes of the Past, which rewards you with Enclave-themed content, and Speak of the Devil, another quest that rewards new Power Armor.

For Pyromaniac, all you need to do is track the quest in your log, and you'll be directed toward a location on the northeastern side of the map. The quest marker is directly near the Listening Post Bravo point of interest, which you can fast-travel to if you've previously visited there.

The location of Pyro
The location of Pyro

Using Listening Post Bravo as a reference point, travel slightly southeast to find a camp on a hill with a fire burning. Around the fire, there will be a couple of enemies, one of which is Pyro. Pyro is wearing the Hellfire Power Armor, and you need to defeat him to loot the set.

Battling Pyro at his camp
Battling Pyro at his camp

However, seeing as the Power Armor is quite heavy, you might need to take the individual Power Armor parts back to your base in a few trips. You could wear your own set of Power Armor to defeat Pyro, but even then, an entirely new set of Power Armor still weighs quite a lot. I had to make three trips to get all of the Power Armor back to Sanctuary, but you can deal with the situation however you see fit.

Looting Pyro's body for the Hellfire Power Armor
Looting Pyro's body for the Hellfire Power Armor

Once you get all of the Hellfire Power Armor parts back to your base, you can take an existing Power Armor body and transfer the Hellfire parts onto that set. When that's done, you'll have a fully-functioning Hellfire Power Armor set ready to take on the Commonwealth with in Fallout 4.

If you're interested in the weapon I'm using in the screenshots above, it's the Tesla Cannon, another new piece of content in the next-gen update. Our previous guide explains how to get your own Tesla Cannon.

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